Strongsville, Ohio

Compassionate Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living in Strongsville, OH

If you have a loved one experiencing memory care challenges such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, you are likely searching for a retirement community where you know their unique needs will be met. Cardinal Court Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community in Strongsville, Ohio is a great choice. Known for its variety of shopping areas and small-town charm, Strongsville is a wonderful location for your loved one to call home.

From its patriotic community to its easy access to amenities, Strongsville creates a multi-tiered system of care to help seniors with memory needs be as independent as possible.

Here are some benefits of choosing a senior living community in Strongsville, Ohio for your loved one.

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Cardinal Court in Strongsville, OH

Expert Senior Living Facilities in Strongsville, Ohio

This Ohio memory care and transitional assisted living community is specially designed to tailor services to individuals with personal care needs. You get to experience the peace of mind from knowing that your loved one is always safe and secure. Your loved one will be given individualized support while they participate in activities according to their capabilities.

The Cardinal Court Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community employs staff members that are trained to specifically care for individuals with memory challenges. The focus on person-centered care ensures your loved one receives necessary assistance with the utmost respect.

Located in a Suburb of the Wonderful Cleveland, OH

Strongsville is a suburb of the famous city of Cleveland, OH. Proximity to this vibrant city enables your loved one and visiting family and friends to experience the local attractions frequently. Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and it provides the opportunity to go on various guided walking tours. These local destinations allow for enjoyable day trips while your loved one receives quality care in a trusted assisted living community.

Supportive Senior Living Community

The Cardinal Court Memory Care community in Strongsville, Ohio takes pride in its high quality of support. This is a retirement community focused on excellence while serving those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory needs.

Your loved one will be in the hands of dedicated and experienced service providers. The nurturing climate of this senior care community ensures your loved one feels safe and welcomed from the moment they arrive. This also improves their quality of life.

Convenient Access to Amenities in Strongsville, OH

This memory care and transitional assisted living community in Strongsville, OH provides easy access to any resources that your loved one may need. The city has healthcare facilities and pharmacies in close proximity to the memory care communities, as well as several grocery stores. The city of Strongsville has thousands of acres of greenery and many historic buildings. These amenities help to ensure that your loved one is healthy and comfortable within the larger community.

Peaceful Surroundings for Serene Senior Living

The city of Strongsville is home to Gardenview Horticultural Park, a garden with 16 acres of very rare flowers, trees and plants. The millions of flowers surrounding the city create a calming and peaceful senior living environment. Retirement communities in Strongsville such as the Cardinal Court Memory Care Community feature beautifully landscaped grounds where your loved one can frequently bask in the sunshine and observe the colorful blooms.

Recreational Activities and Cognitive Stimulation

Retirement and assisted living communities in Strongsville, Ohio provide a large range of recreational activities focused on memory care support and increased focus. These activities can include sensory therapy, puzzles and games, art, music, safe exercises, and other wellness programs to benefit your loved one. Participating in these recreational activities improves social skills and problem-solving, and it also leads to a higher sense of belonging.

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