Person-Centered / Collaborative Care Model

Person-Centered / Collaborative Care Model (Memory Care, Assisted Living & Personalized Care)

Sunshine’s approach to collaborative care begins with in-depth discovery and an ongoing, detailed assessment process centered around individual needs, values, and preferences to create custom Person-Centered Care for each resident. It depends upon open and transparent communication and equal collaboration across all departments. The end results being an approach in which each individual resident benefits from the six core tenets of Person-Centered Care.

For example, a housekeeper overhears a resident’s conversation in which she reminisces about baking corn bread with her mother. The housekeeper understands the conversation is an opportunity to build on a happy memory and shares it with team-mates. In doing so, there are opportunities to:

The important factor in Person-Centered Care is the collaboration of each team member that understands the importance of communication and participation. The development of this approach begins in the earliest phases of our relationship with the resident and the family and involves every level of community team-members from front desk staff and housekeeping, to executive directors.