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    Brook Ridge Retirement Living in Pharr, TX

    All-Inclusive Independent Retirement Community in Beautiful South Austin!

    It’s easy to get the most out of life when you spend it at Brook Ridge. We offer you a choice of 3 different floor plans starting at just $1,550, with all the wonderful services and amenities you would expect of a luxury all-inclusive opens a new window retirement community. Later, if the need arises for assisted living or memory care, The Gardens at
    Brook Ridge also provides resort-style senior living but combines it with world-class, professional care, all at an affordable price.

    Choose Your Own Rent! Affordable Senior Living Options Pricing Starting at $1,550

    We will definitely recommend [Brook Ridge] to anyone,.. When my mother's friends visit, they are pleased and considering moving in themselves.

    — Senioradvisor.com review

    I enjoy my life here , and I am very content. Every day I do my morning walks around the community and it helps to get my exercise. In the three years that I have been here, I cant think of anything that I don't like.

    — Martha Homrich

    Brook Ridge Photos


    There are so many ways to get the most out of life at Brook Ridge:

    Our building is outfitted with ionized air filtering to remove viruses, bacteria, and other particulates from the air so that you can breathe easy. New residents are admitted after providing a negative COVID-19 test result. Our virus mitigation protocols include personal protective gear, sanitizer stations at all traffic areas, and cleaning throughout the community multiple times per day.

    To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, Sunshine Retirement Living Communities have partnered with trusted national moving company, northAmerican, to institute a senior-specific program that lessens the strain associated with moving. To learn more about this moving program, click here.

    It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

    It’s easy to get the most out of life when you spend it at Brook Ridge, located minutes from beautiful McAllen, one of US News & World Report’s top ten places to retire in 2018.

    Get a breath of fresh air as you take a stroll on our many walking paths.

    We offer local transportation for shopping trips, doctor’s appointments, cultural events, and more. Now, thanks to our innovative partnership with Uber, we are able to offer on-call transportation and scheduled pickups for our residents at any time of day.

    Your monthly rent includes all utilities (except your personal telephone), as well as free common area WiFi, front desk concierge service, weekly housekeeping, and on-call apartment maintenance.

    Stay busy with daily exercise classes, weekly happy hours, monthly birthday celebrations, day trips, and more.

    Brook Ridge boasts its own hair salon, library, gym, and computer center. Plus, brand new swimming pool, pool house and beautiful gardens are under construction – coming soon!

    Whether you’re going away on business, planning a vacation, or simply need a break from caregiving, respite care at Brook Ridge is the perfect solution for providing your loved one with the individualized care they need. Our safe, nurturing environment and professional staff will support all the wellness needs of your loved one. Take advantage of the full amenities of our community; your loved one can rest while socializing with team members and other residents and you’ll have peace of mind knowing each suite features its own emergency response system. Contact us today to learn about the various levels of care available to our respite and short-term stay residents.

    Isn’t it great to be retired? Now you can travel all you want! In fact, as a Sunshine resident, you can visit any of our communities, and stay for free in our guest suite. Meals are also included. We hope you’ll choose to participate in our many community activities after you’ve had fun at the local tourist hotspots. Learn more about our great travel program that simplifies every trip!

    Cats and dogs are a vital part of Brook Ridge.

    Our community is smoke-free for your continued good health.

    The wonders of all-inclusive living at a Sunshine community is a secret you’ll want to share with your many friends! To thank you for getting the word out, we’ll reward you with a referral bonus when any of your friends move in. Learn more here!

    We offer safe living with a caring and dedicated staff available to you 24/7, for complete peace of mind.

    Who can afford big buy-ins or long-term contracts? Sunshine keeps senior living affordable with a reasonable month-to-month lease.

    Through Sunshine Retirement Living’s partnership with eHealth, residents can research, compare and enroll in Medicare insurance plans that cover their doctors and prescription drugs. Residents can shop online or speak to one of eHealth’s licensed insurance agents over the phone by calling 844-833-5901 (TTY 711) or explore options online – click here. There is never a cost to speak to an agent, and you are under no obligation to enroll in a health plan. eHealth’s mission is to help people find coverage that works for their personal needs.

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    Floor Plans

    To view a downloadable PDF, click here opens a new window.

    Resident Activities at Brook Ridge

    Weekly Physical Activities

    Every Monday – Friday

    – 10am | Happy Bones Exercise

    Every Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays

    – 3:15pm | Wii Bowling Tournament

    Every Monday & Thursday

    – 11:00am | Knitters Circle

    Every Monday

    – 7pm | Poker Night

    Every Friday

    – 10:00am | Zumba

    Weekly Intellectual Activities

    Every Monday & Thursday

    – 11:00am | Knitters Circle

    Every Thursday

    – 8am | Glucose Checks

    Every Friday

    – 10:45am | Money Bingo
    – 3pm | Happy Hour & Snacks

    Every Saturday

    – 11:00am | Bingo
    – 2pm | Movie

    Every Sunday

    – 10am | Puzzle Time
    – 2pm | Hand and Foot
    – 3pm | Dominos
    – 4pm | Church Service with Grace Community Church

    View our full monthly calendar here opens a new window or call today &

    learn more about our various daily activities: (956) 467-0973

    Brook Ridge – Pharr Texas Senior Apartment Community

    Activities at Brook Ridge Retirement Community in Pharr, TX

    There are many reasons that an active mind and body is good for the spirit of retirees. At Brook Ridge, where the best senior apartments for rent Pharr are located, retirees have many options to keep themselves busy. It has been proven that the busier a person is, the higher their quality of life. An increased quality of life has numerous positive effects on mood and health. For retirees, keeping active is a very important part of self-care, and having Pharr retirement homes such as Brook Ridge offer a variety of activities keeps retirees living the good life.

    So, what type of activities are there? The dividing line is pretty easy to see – there are mental activities, physical activities, and social activities. Each of these activities offers different benefits for quality of life. Senior care in Pharr is complex, and fortunately Brook Ridge understands how to offer activities that also dovetail with the purpose of keeping retirees healthy and happy.

    Here are the different types of activities and how they help retirees:

    Mental Activities:

    There are many people finding their way to retirement homes in Pharr TX such as Brook Ridge because of a decline in mental acuity. Regardless of whether the decline is due to specific neurological conditions or just the wear and tear on the brain occurring with age, it is imperative retirees are mentally stimulated while residing in this community.

    There are several ways to stimulate retirees mentally. The best retirement communities in Pharr TX offer a variety of different mental activities. There are games testing knowledge such as Jeopardy sessions or arts and crafts. These activities keep retirees working their brain the way they work their muscles in physical activities. By working the brain this helps keep the neurological connections active, and keeps the deterioration associated with age from being too acute.

    Physical Activities:

    Naturally, workouts for retirees in Pharr senior living are quite different from those for younger folks. The good news is when you work the body this keeps muscle from degrading and helps the joints stay functional. Many retirees struggle with arthritis and other conditions associated with age. Age-appropriate workout programs are the perfect way to keep retirees in functional shape.

     The benefits of physical activities like senior yoga or walking groups is tremendous. Even activities like pool work helps retirees keep their coordination and muscle tone. Having these activities available in all inclusive senior living Pharr TX is one of the many benefits offered by Brook Ridge. Furthermore, when physical activity is a routine, then there are many health-related benefits including lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and other age-related health issues.

    Social Activities:

    Many of the mental and physical activities also involve socialization. The difference between Pharr senior homes like Brook Ridge and staying in a conventional home is there’s a natural decline in socialization when someone retires. The more time spent at home and concurrent less time spent in the world means there are greater chances to develop eccentricities that could affect health.

    Physical and mental activities in a Pharr TX retirement community are usually communal. This is a great way to develop new relationships and other types of social bonds. The more people feel connected to a community, the greater their mental and physical health is. For some, having pets is another way to increase socialization as well.

    All of these activities are clearly intended to provide immense benefits for retirees in senior apartments in Pharr. The design of the Brook Ridge property along with the availability of activities means retirees have plenty of opportunity to nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

    There are plenty of studies providing the efficacy of this approach, as well. One of the key themes to these studies is how retirees engaged in activities have longer lifespans than those who live in their homes. The key is having a staff understanding the different nature of each retiree’s willingness to engage in these activities.

    The positive reinforcement of participating in activities is critical to ensuring a vibrant community. Having activities checking all the mental, physical, and social boxes keeps retirees active and healthy. When looking into a Pharr retirement community, it is essential to see the different types of activities offered and also to ensure that one would be willing to participate in some of these activities. The active life is a life well lived; the increased health outcomes prove how imperative it is to have retirees involved in the programs within a community like Brook Ridge.

    To view a list of all of our locations, visit our locations page.
    Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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