Marshall Pines Joins The Sunshine Retirement Living Network of Communities

Assisted living and memory care community offers modern senior living options in Evans, GA


EVANS, GA (MAY 29th, 2019) – Sunshine Retirement Community is honored to announce the addition of Marshall Pines Assisted Living and Memory Care in beautiful Evans, GA to their nationwide network of senior living communities. Marshall Pines’ upscale building and grounds, compassionate approach to care, and extensive amenities speak to Sunshine Retirement Living’s core values, setting the groundwork for a successful partnership.

Marshall Pines is now one of 27 person-centered care communities throughout the United States owned and operated by Sunshine Retirement Community. While each community is unique and decisions that impact the community and its residents are made locally, all 27 communities enjoy the benefit of having an expansive network of sister communities and corporate support to lean upon. Residents realize the greatest advantage in this partnership: they’re able to travel to 22 U.S. cities and access free lodging, dining, transportation, and activities; access Sunshine Retirement Living’s Easy-Move program for coordination of moving services (sale of home, downsizing assistance, retirement planning, and moving assistance); and receive assistance and care from staff who have completed Sunshine’s extensive person-centered training program.

Research suggests that today’s retirees are looking for comfort and luxury, often away from home to limit housework and home maintenance. When it comes to assisted living, Evans GA provides the perfect setting. The community’s amenities are designed with hotel-like luxury in mind and include gourmet dining options customized to promote memory retention, local transportation, housekeeping services, wellness programming, personal care services, security, lawn care, and more. Additionally, Marshall Pines offers two levels of care to afford residents the benefit of luxurious retirement and the option to age in place: Assisted Living and Memory Care. Under this model, residents who need more daily assistance or begin to experience a decline in cognitive function are often able to stay in their apartments with the same familiar surroundings and caregivers.

The menu at Marshall Pines was designed according to the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, which incorporates foods with proven cognitive health benefits and may assist residents in maintaining their memory for as long as possible.

“The stress that those with dementia experience when being moved from one community to the next is often referred to as transfer trauma,” says Kimberly Ross-Mason, Marshall Pines Director. “Transfer trauma can last for days or even weeks and cause lack of appetite, anxiety, isolation, depression, combativeness, and other problems. We aim to prevent transfer trauma and the impact it can have on our residents by providing services that span a wide range of resident needs and conditions, so they can stay here, even if their needs change.”

Another common theme for the modern retiree is an adventure. The Evans, GA the community boasts a robust activities calendar to keep even the most outgoing and adventurous retirees engaged. Common activities include crafts, card games, visits from the therapy dog, fitness classes, communion, outdoor activities, and community outings. Furthermore, Marshall Pines offers specialized programming designed to bring comfort to those with memory loss: aromatherapy, music therapy, validation techniques, wellness activities, socialization, and life station skills. Visitor often finds retired mechanics tinkering around on a faux engine and former housewives folding hand towels and mixing the cookie dough.

Sunshine Retirement Living and Marshall Pines look forward to continuing to provide compassionate, person-centered care under their new partnership.

For more information, visit www.MarshallPinesAlz.com or call (762) 222-2897.

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