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Sage Park Memory Care &
Transitional Assisted Living in Gahanna, OH

Person-Centered, custom Alzheimer’s & Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Facility in Gahanna, OH for your loved one!

Sage Park is more than just a memory care facility; we are a memory care community. Located in the picturesque suburb of Gahanna, Sage Park offers a homey, small-town feel while being within minutes of the sights and sounds of Columbus, home to Ohio State University and the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. At Sage Park, we make sure that your loved one feels right at home from the very beginning with our comfortable floorplans, caring staff, and welcoming community of neighbors. We provide top-notch care and amenities for those in need of memory care or transitional assisted living in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area.

Sage Park combines Person-Centered Care opens a new window with our signature Life Enrichment Program that embraces Sunshine’s Six Pillars of Wellness opens a new window: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Our Person-Centered Care assessments, life enrichment activities, and effective memory care philosophy come together to provide residents with a lifestyle that goes beyond that of traditional nursing homes. We offer person-centered care, so whether your loved one is just starting to experience memory challenges, or if they have been living with Alzheimer’s or dementia for some time, we ensure that they receive the exact care they need, day or night.

Person-Centered, Custom Memory Care Starting at $5,700


You will not find a home for your loved that has a more caring and attentive staff. The facility is clean and very comforting, very homelike especially when compared to other facilities in the area. What really seems to set them apart though is the level of care, each resident is treated as family. Well done Sage Park!

— Dan Williams

I have been in the healthcare field for 15+ years. This facility is the epitome of pristine. The staff is compassionate and committed to the care of the residents and their family members. The cleanliness is superb. The programming(activities) department is customized to the resident's hobbies and interests. Customer service by every employee is outstanding.

— Kelleigh Elliott

Sage Park was an answer to our prayers as my family and I sought a place for my aunt in her journey. The staff could not have been more caring and loving to her. They have been so intentional to have activities for the residents that will keep them active and interacting with others. Her room was lovely and the overall facility is welcoming and filled with caring people. Thank you all for all you do for our loved ones each and every day!

— Martha Nicklas

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Floor Plans

To help viewers better understand the spatial quality of a space, We provide the 2D floor plan of the home.

To view a downloadable PDF, click the button.

Sage Park Assisted Living - Floor Plan

Resident Activities at Sage Park Assisted Living

View our full monthly calendar & learn more about our various daily activities 614-741-8263

Weekly Physical

Every Tuesday

– 10:30am | Armchair Yoga
– 6:00pm | Courtyard Ball Toss

Every Wednesday

– 10:30am | Strength Training
– 6:00pm | Horse Shoes

Every Friday

– 1:15pm | Nature Craft: Leaf Pressing and Stained Glass
– 6:00pm | Volleyball


– First and third Monday 6:30pm | Therapy Dog Visit
– First Thursday 3:00pm | Trip to deliver Dog Biscuits to Animal Care Clinic
– First Friday 3:00pm | Dance Social

Weekly Mental

Every Sunday

– 10:15am | Communion
– 3:00pm | Gardening

Every Monday

– 1:15am | Daily Chronicles and Devotional Readings
– 3:00pm | Crafts for a Cause: Dog Biscuit Making

Every Thursday

– 11:00am | Musical Hymns
– 6:00pm | Corn Hole Game

Every Saturday

– 10:30am | Fitness Class
– 3:00pm | Movie and Manicures


Sage Park - Gahanna, Ohio Senior Apartments

Why Sage Park is the perfect place for your loved one

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or someone in your life who needs transitional assisted living, then this is the perfect place for them to be. Sage Park isn’t just a place to care for memory problems; we are a community of workers and patients who want to build a family for your loved one. 

We don’t just want to make a facility; we want to make a home. Every resident of Sage Park is treated to their own apartment. The apartments are private with their own bathrooms and also outfitted with safety and notification devices so your loved one can call on us for help if they need it. 

Our location is just a few minutes away from the hustle of Columbus, Ohio, several parks, and two amazing hospitals: The Mount Carmel Urgent Care East Broad Hospital and the Select Specially hospital. 

  • What we focus on

    We don’t just care for your loved one’s mental or physical needs; we seek to get to know them as a person. We also give them several different levels of care, all of which focus on their needs and comfort level.

    Your loved ones aren’t leaving behind a life of freedom and personal choice to come to a place with rigid routines and medical talk. Instead, we offer person-focused care that takes your loved one into account. Right from the start, we get to know their personality, their interests, their wants, and their expectations.

    We have an Active living program that helps get your loved one into our community. We can help them with what they need help with while leaving them to do the rest.

  • Supportive and Mindful

    If your loved one only needs assistance with getting dressed in the morning but can handle the other accepts of their life well, then we will only help them with their needs. We want to acknowledge and support what our patients can do while also providing assistance with things they need help with.

    Our team is helpful, and 100% focused on the needs of your loved one. We want to make them feel safe, and like they can rely on us, and our doctors and nurses have experience with supporting physical, mental, emotional, and social needs.

    Additionally, our certified life enrichment director is always on call and creating daily activities that will get your loved one out of the house. Most of them can also provide a good benefit to their overall health as well. They’ll have daily activities, weekly events, courses, and classes, and even field trips to sights around the local Ohio area.

    Having your loved one come to our Sage Park location doesn’t mean that they have to give up any independence or stop having fun. Instead, they are paired with staff and other patients to live a normal life. They’ll still be as independent as ever, forge new relationships, and continue to live a happy and healthy life.

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Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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