Sandy Springs Attractions for Kids

After a long week of work and school, there is always a desire to get out and do something fun with and for the kids. Family time is severely underrated these days, as advances in technology has made it difficult to imagine fun-time without a screen and a keyboard. Sandy Springs, GA is a family town that offers nice attractions and things to do with kids of all ages. Explore the city and find something that will bring you and your family closer. Start a family tradition and create memories by kayaking down the Chattahoochee River, visiting the art park, ice skating or hiking. Whatever you do, get out and have some fun in Sandy Springs.

Outdoor Adventures

Chattahoochee River and National Recreation Area – spend the day kayaking or canoeing with the kids. You can also hike the amazing trails of the river and explore nature.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park – paradise for kids and adults as Morgan Falls offers some of the best views in Sandy Springs. Bring the family for a picnic and the kids can enjoy the playground for extra fun.

Have Fun While Learning

Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park – it’s the perfect escape for families, as this location offers a twist on the traditional park. It’s an imagination station filled with playable art that encourages kids to touch, climb, jump, play and swing on sculptures and interactive structures.

Young Chefs Academy – this is a great place for kids who love to display their culinary skills in the kitchen. The program at YCA teaches children the proper way to prepare food and be safe while doing it. It’s a fun environment that motivates a fun and innovative kitchen experience for kids.

In search of something a little different or more exciting, visit the Mastermind Escape Games for some family bonding time. The family is trapped in a room with clues to help them escape and win the game. The Center Ice Arena is also an exciting way to spend time with family.