Best November-Themed Activities from a Greenville Retirement Community

As the Holiday Season Approaches, Try These Activities to Stay Active

November Activities In a Retirement Community, SC

Once the trick-or-treaters have gone and remnants of Jack-o-Lanterns slowly disappear from front porches, it’s time to embrace November. There are still beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife to enjoy, even as the leaves fall from the trees and birds fly south for the winter. With the weather sometimes unpredictable during November, you will want to have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in your back pocket to stay entertained this month. The team at Maple Brook Terrace, an independent living community in Greenville, South Carolina, has put together this list of activities to try:

Get out in Nature

Nature walks to trips to local farms are still a fun November activity. The crowds of young families have died down, no longer needing a pumpkin to carve. Farmers’ markets are a great place to try something new from a small business, but they also might have something nostalgic like a particular treat from your childhood. The fresh air and fresh produce are great reasons to visit!

Connect with Family

As the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, spending time with family is always a great way to spend your November. If distance keeps you apart, taking time for a phone call, video call, or even a handwritten letter is a great way to stay in touch.

Specifically, talking about traditions or old family stories are excellent ways to connect the generations during the holidays. From recipes to funny stories of burnt turkeys or dropped casserole dishes throughout the decades can help the younger generations understand their family history. Even if getting together in person is not feasible, sharing photos through the mail or online can get these conversations started. Taking time to record your family memories through journaling (even if someone else is writing or typing it up for you) creates priceless documentation for future generations.

Send a Little Joy

In addition to taking time to connect with family, sending out holiday cards is another way to connect with others and spread some cheer. Getting started in November will ensure that you have plenty of time to write a thoughtful note to everyone who is special to you. Sharing old photos or just updating an old friend with a quick note before the rush of the holidays could be just what someone needs as we get into the colder months. If you have a creative side, hand-making cards are not only an outlet for your creativity but result in unique, one-of-a-kind treasures for your friends and family.

Attend a Performance

It’s that time of the year; be on the lookout for Thanksgiving Day parades and performances. We know about the classic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, but local elementary schools or community centers also have their own Thanksgiving festivities. A surprise visit to see a family member for their Thanksgiving Day play could create a precious family memory. Even if the plan is just to watch a Thanksgiving parade on television, hopping on a zoom call or a telephone call with family to watch the event together can be a fun activity from afar. There are so many floats that have been part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade for decades. You may even recognize some from your childhood, such as Snoopy and Woodstock!

Get Cooking

The most quintessential November-themed activity would be the Thanksgiving Day meal. In addition to eating classic favorites like turkey and stuffing, this dinner can also be a fun time to try your hand at making new side dishes or desserts. Test out a couple of recipes early in the month to see what is delicious enough to make the cut for the big day!

At Maple Brook, we believe that whether this month is spent with family or friends, taking time to spread joy, connect, and share a comforting meal with loved ones and reflecting on your blessings is a heartfelt way to wrap up the year. As those last colorful leaves fall to the ground and sweater weather turns into full-on coat season, reflecting on the year and all you have to be thankful for is the best activity of all.

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