Charleston, South Carolina

Compassionate Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living in Charleston, SC

For those searching for memory care and transitional assisted living for their loved one, finding the right retirement community is one of the most important decisions you can make. Ashley Gardens Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living Community in Charleston, South Carolina offers your loved one an unparalleled experience that brings compassionate care to the forefront of everything we do.

Your loved one can truly thrive in our community and benefit from being in the city of Charleston. From a picturesque campus to its location in the most charming city in the South, you can rest assured that your loved one will experience a peaceful, yet active retirement in our care. Here are our six best reasons for considering memory care in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Expert Senior Living
in Charleston, SC

Compassion is our passion, and our staff’s utmost goal is to provide the best in memory care each and every day. Our highly trained staff incorporates person-centered memory care in every program and service we provide. The incredible team at the Ashley Gardens senior living community is committed to bringing customized Alzheimer’s and memory care to each resident, ensuring everyone in our community receives the attention they need and deserve. We truly believe that with a little extra care, our residents will feel empowered, safe, secure, and most importantly, enriched, on a daily basis.

in Charleston, SC

There are so many advantages to being in Charleston. Our location is important for our residents, but also incredibly important for their family and friends. Being in Charleston ensures you’ll have access to some of the country’s top medical programs, hotels for long visits, and easy travel to and from our campus.

Out of town visitors can fly directly into Charleston International Airport and stay in one of the many gorgeous hotels or inns in the area. When visiting your loved one, you can also take advantage of amazing entertainment options in the city, cultural centers, and fantastic fine-dining restaurants.

Serene Setting
in Nature

Our incredible campus provides plenty of space for you and your loved one to safely enjoy days outside in beautiful weather. From our paved walking paths and thoughtfully landscaped property, it’s easy to spend an afternoon exploring our residence. Not only is our community beautiful, but being located in Charleston means plenty of access to beaches, parks, island adventures, and riverbanks. It’s truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Convenient Access
to Amenities

Being in Charleston means ease of access to amenities like shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and so much more. In addition to more common amenities, residents can enjoy visiting some of the main attractions in Charleston on an outing with their family and friends.

Consider taking your loved one to the South Carolina Aquarium or The Charleston Museum, or historical sites like Fort Sumter or Middleton Place. With so much to explore, visiting your loved one at Ashley Gardens memory care & transitional assisted living community, you’ll need to squeeze in an extra couple days for exploration.

Recreational Activities and Cognitive Stimulation

Our Hope Blooms program offers amazing enrichment programming and aims to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual support to our memory care residents. We also provide daily opportunities for intellectual discovery and sensory stimulation through weekly activities like armchair yoga, strength training, volleyball, gardening, and nature craft. With so many options for connecting with our staff as well as other residents, your loved one can be an integral part in our community.

Supportive and Compassionate Community

Your loved ones are the stars of our senior living community, and our directors and staff are the crew members who keep your loved ones feeling and living their best. From our Health Services Director to our Life Enrichment Director, every person in our care benefits from having a team who truly cares. Our commitment to providing our senior residents with the best possible care is what sets our memory care and transitional assisted living at such a high level. Knowledgeable and committed, our staff gives their all to providing your loved ones with the epitome of compassionate care.

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