Sunshine Community Programs

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Greg Anderson

The best retirement is one filled with happiness; that includes good food, good health, good friends and good fun. Sunshine Retirement Communities make it a priority to maximize the happiness found in our communities every day.

Good FOOD — Sunshine Food Services

Every Sunshine Community prides itself on exceptional menu offerings. Residents can count on a wealth of options to choose from at every meal, healthy offerings that cater to special diets, and themed meals that showcase a variety of cuisines. Our Executive Chefs whip up the most scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, all prepared from the freshest ingredients, and served to you restaurant style. Each month our Executive Chefs also create their own “signature cookie.” From stuffed peanut butter and jelly cookies to the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had, the surprise dessert is always a resident favorite, and one we like to share with those touring our communities. So pull up a chair and join us for a meal. We’ll tempt your pallet with healthy, delicious fare that will have you coming back for seconds. Enjoy!

Good HEALTH — Sunshine Wellness & Activities

Our comprehensive wellness and activity programs take a three-pronged approach to wellness, focusing on body, mind and spirit. Sunshine’s Corporate Wellness Director partners with each community’s Life Enrichment Director to host a variety of fitness classes, educational seminars and informational events each week to engage the body and mind. And our community service and volunteer programs are sure to boost your spiritual well-being.

Good FRIENDS — Sunshine Referral Program

The only thing better than having your friends visit you is to have them move into the same community! We are so appreciative when you refer your friends to join any of our communities that we will reward you with a monetary bonus for each friend who moves in.

Good FUN — Sunshine Travel program

If you love to travel, then you’ll want to take advantage of a unique travel opportunity reserved exclusively for Sunshine Community residents. Our communities are located in 13 captivating cities across 6 beautiful states. Choose a city you would like to visit and reserve the guest suite in the local SRL community. We’re happy to provide you with up to 7 nights of complimentary lodging, as well as 3 meals a day in our dining room, transportation around town and an open invitation to join any of the activities the community offers.

Good INFORMATION — Sunshine Wellness Blog

Denise Park, Sunshine’s Wellness Director, not only oversees the design and development of our exclusive wellness program, she also contributes to the Wellness Blog: Wise and Wonderful. You’ll enjoy everything from fascinating articles to delicious recipes, all focused on your continued good health.

See something you like? Check out your local community’s Monthly Calendar or Contact Sunshine for more details!