25 Best Activities For Pittsburgh Retirement Communities

Bingo Isn’t The Only Option For Fun-Loving Seniors


Seniors thrive on socialization. Being idle or simply watching TV all day is not physically, mentally, or emotionally healthy. Adding projects, events, and activities to their schedule can help them lead a fulfilling life in retirement. The best activities are challenging either mentally or physically to keep their interest, provoke feelings of accomplishment, and keep their mind and body sharp.

When you think of retirement, you may think of mundane activities and constant napping. You would be right to not want to subject your parent or grandparent to that kind of life. That’s why with the right activities and in the right community, your loved one can flourish by learning new skills, meeting new people, and picking up hobbies that they may not have had time for before.

The best types of activities for seniors include creative crafts, brain games and writing, exercise and physical activity, and community building. The team at The Haven at North Hills Senior Residence has great ideas for activities you and your loved one will love, whether at home or at their retirement community:

Creative Crafts

Creativity is an important part of keeping your loved ones healthy and happy. Getting the creative juices flowing helps overall brain activity and boost moods. Crafting is also a great time for social connection and building relationships.

Brain Games and Writing

These activities are especially important for memory care residents in order to support connections in the brain as long as possible. Memory problems are compounded when one is idle or rarely takes part in activities that require problem-solving or creative abilities. Adding brain games and writing into your loved one’s schedule ensures you’re helping support their cognitive ability rather than taking away from it.

Exercise and Physical Activity

All adults need physical activity to stay happy, healthy, and to prevent disease and degeneration. Your loved one’s muscles and bones can weaken significantly when there is little to no exercise or movement in their schedule. Physical activity is also very important for brain function because it releases endorphins, which help improve mood.

Friendship Building

Social interaction is a core need for seniors. Unfortunately, it can often times be overlooked. Loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions. True for all humans, having friends and being part of a community is essential to leading a rich and fulfilling life. That’s why at The Haven, we prioritize social activities for all residents.

Our list of the best 25 activities for a retirement community includes a little of each category. So, whether you’ve run out of ideas for your loved ones or want to suggest a new activity to their retirement community, you’ll find something that’s perfect for your favorite senior here:

  • 1. Watercolors or painting
  • 2. Creating floral arrangements
  • 3. Planting a mini garden for their room
  • 4. Scrapbooking
  • 5. Knitting or crocheting
  • 6. Painting a bird house
  • 7. Needlework
  • 8. Model car building
  • 9. Miniature building kits
  • 10. Writing their memoir
  • 11. Writing cards to loved ones
  • 12. Bridge and other social card games
  • 13. Trivia nights
  • 14. Puzzles
  • 15. Memory card games
  • 16. Sudoku or crossword puzzles
  • 17. Dancing to their favorite songs
  • 18. Movie night, complete with a mix of healthy snacks and popcorn
  • 19. Regular haircuts and manicures
  • 20. Light stretching and yoga
  • 21. Taking a walk around the community
  • 22. Bird watching
  • 23. Light workouts and chair exercises
  • 24. Joining or starting a book club
  • 25. “Speed [friend] dating” A chance to meet new people in their community

At the end of the day, living in a retirement community (or at home!) should never be boring, isolating, or mundane. Here at The Haven at North Hills in Pittsburgh, we help our residents thrive with a wide range of physical and mental activities, along with community and friendship-building events.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour, contact the friendly team at The Haven at North Hills today.

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