4 Tips to Prepare For a Cozy Winter At Senior Living In Austin

Fun and practical tips for seasonal bliss!


If you ask around, people either love or hate winter. With the cooler weather, cozy everything, comfort food abound, and the start of holiday season, we think it’s hard not to love. At The Clairmont Retirement Community in Austin, TX, we certainly love winter–and the warmer Texas climate makes it easy to enjoy! For 55 plus communities in Austin, TX, we’ve compiled a list of simple ideas to get you winter-ready:

Winter Cleaning

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but have you ever done winter cleaning? You’ll be spending more time indoors this season, so why not make it great?

Trade out your spring and summer clothes for cozier sweaters and jackets. No need to put them in storage; simply place your sweaters slightly closer to the middle or front of your closet or wardrobe for easy accessibility to those cozy items. For seasonal footwear, take a look at your shoes and make sure nothing needs repair, such as a new pair of shoelaces, a shoe shine, or perhaps a cobbled heel.

For seasonal non-clothing items, give them a refresh! Dust off those seasonal wreaths in your closet and hang them on your door. Trade out your summer ocean-themed throw blanket for the plaid or chunky knit one. Think about the tiny changes you can make to your home that will welcome the season and give a sense of warmth and coziness in the upcoming months.

Make Doctor’s Appointments

Winter is an excellent time to pay attention to your health, give yourself a tune-up, and schedule doctor’s appointments. Keeping yourself healthy this season might give you a better chance of avoiding the cold or flu–this is much easier to do with the help of a medical professional. Plus, get a head start on any of your new year’s health goals by assessing your current health status and getting support for any injuries or conditions you may be experiencing.

Meal Plan

Many agree that one of the best parts about winter is the food. Rich creamy soups, warm quick-breads doused in cinnamon, and fresh cider donuts are all delicious seasonal experiences waiting to be had. But as we know, time flies, and it can be hard to fit all those delectable treats into one season. If you have some favorite winter recipes or snacks, consider writing down when you plan on enjoying them so you don’t miss out on your prime comfort food season!

Looking for suggestions for some recipes? Look no further! We’ve compiled some of our favorites below:

Embrace the Hygge!

The Danish word “Hygge” – pronounced “hoo-guh”, is a concept that has become quite popular in recent years outside of Denmark. It means to embrace the feelings of coziness and stillness of winter months. Instead of feeling gloomy about the weather changing and less sunlight, the Danish celebrate the ability to stay in, get comfy, and sip on hot beverages while spending time with loved ones.

Soft twinkle lights are a safe alternative to the candles that the Danish use during the winter months, and can add a little sparkle to the early nights. Board games with friends and other loved ones coupled with hot cocoa and popcorn are a great way to embrace the evenings and weekends spent indoors. Time alone with a crossword puzzle, snuggly blanket, and a cookie fresh out of the oven is the epitome of hygge.

The beauty of embracing hygge is that it reminds us that sometimes simply reframing something can bring an incredible amount of enjoyment and beauty to it!

We hope you found a couple of things to add to your routine to help you prepare for winter in our Austin retirement communities. If you are interested in learning more about The Clairmont or would like to take a tour of our community, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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