5 Best Local Attractions Near This Greenville Retirement Community

Greenville, South Carolina One of the Best Cities for Retirees!

One Of The Best Places To Retire

Maple Brook Terrace is located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, which has been recognized as one of the nation’s best places to retire! Seniors at this retirement community can take advantage of the natural landscape and warm weather of South Carolina, and visit the many local attractions that make this city perfect for retirees. Learn more about them below:

The Liberty Bridge

One of the best local attractions near Maple Brook Terrace is the Liberty Bridge, which is a 355-foot pedestrian walkway. This bridge is nestled in the heart of Greenville, combining both the charm of the city with the natural landscape. Seniors can go for a stroll down the Liberty Bridge and take in the views of the historic waterfalls and beautiful foliage along it, without having to venture far from their homes at Maple Brook Terrace. This famed local attraction is a great way for residents to get some exercise, reconnect with nature and participate in the lively culture of the city of Greenville.

Retail Shops

Another local attraction that spices up the lives of seniors in Greenville is the vast number of retail shopping stores! While this is not a singular attraction (in fact, there are more than 130 retail shops), no one can deny the joy of a little shopping spree. Seniors at Maple Brook Terrace can take a day for some retail therapy at one of the many stores in Greenville. Anyone can rest easy knowing that there is a place to shop for everyone, as the streets are filled with stores for all sorts of fashions and styles, fun new items, and anything else under the sun! So if you or a loved one is a shopaholic, or simply enjoys perusing the streets window shopping (don’t we all), then this is the attraction you’ll want to explore! Seniors can head down to Magnolia Park or the Shops at Greenridge with other residents and enjoy treating themselves.

The Carolina Music Museum

This one is for music lovers! Greenville is home to The Carolina Music Museum, which boasts possession of world-famous American instruments that any musician would appreciate, like an 1845 Broadwood grand piano with ties to Chopin. Even the building itself is a restored piece of history! The museum was created in the last remaining section of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company that occupied Heritage Green, renovated to become 8,000 square feet of freshly painted and furnished space. Seniors can go here to appreciate and learn about music history, see unique instrument collections and watch live performances.

The Greenville Zoo

Is there any better way to reconnect with your youth than to visit some exotic animals at the local zoo? Seniors at Maple Brook Terrace can take a short trip down to the Greenville Zoo, which is open year-round and is home to all sorts of interesting wildlife. Seniors can see everything from lions and giraffes, to giant anteaters and orangutans! The Greenville Zoo is an amazing local option for seniors to get outdoors, stay active, all while interacting and learning about wildlife. Residents of Maple Brook Terrace don’t have to go far to rediscover their wild sides!

The Greenville Saturday Market

The last attraction that seniors living in Greenville absolutely have to visit is the Greenville Saturday Market! Every Saturday, over 75 local vendors come together to bring the Greenville community the freshest produce, specialty food, and high-end crafts. Residents of Maple Brook Terrace can easily join in on the fun and get the best in-season produce straight from the source. Seniors can enjoy both the community atmosphere of the farmer’s market, as well as the fresh food and original crafts.

Don’t Miss Out On All The Fun!

These attractions are just a few of many in the city of Greenville, South Carolina– a small piece of what makes this place perfect for retirees. If your or a loved one is looking for somewhere with beautiful natural scenery and parks, great weather, endless shopping, and restaurant options, and unique attractions like museums and zoos, then there is no question that they would love the location of Maple Brook Terrace.

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