5 Reasons Why Over 55 Communities in California are Superior

From their Beautiful Views to their Delicious Food!

Over 55 Communities in California are Superior

California isn’t called the Golden State for no reason–its name is well deserved! We find this nickname to be very fitting, from its gorgeous sunsets to golden poppies and the Golden Gate Bridge. So, why not spend your golden years in the Golden State and make the most of them? Here are Sunshine Retirement Living’s top 5 reasons why California retirement communities are particularly desirable:

1. Comfortable Climate

If you or your loved one enjoy warmth and comfort, then California might just be the perfect place to retire. One of the benefits of living in California is getting to watch its beautiful sunsets and enjoy the comfortable climate. California’s annual summer comfort index of 8.4,10 being best, indicates it is one of the most pleasant states in the United States. The winter months have an index of 7.5, meaning they are not significantly less comfortable. Plus, the humidity in California is nothing compared to that of the East Coast.

California’s enjoyable climate is why we decided to make sure that all of our California communities include patios, balconies, and/or outdoor common areas. This allows residents to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views from the comfort of their living space–whenever they please!

2. Resort-style Living

At our retirement communities such as our San Diego active senior retirement community, residents can take a break from cooking, cleaning, and driving. Instead, residents enjoy three delicious and healthy meals per day, served restaurant-style in dining rooms. In addition, we provide weekly housekeeping services to ensure every resident has a sparkling clean living space, too! Perhaps one of our residents’ favorite services is providing transportation to local destinations, such as California landmarks and natural sites, parks, cultural centers, or local shops.

Our communities also have all of the best amenities for residents to enjoy without leaving the grounds. These include luscious gardens, movie theaters, fitness centers, hair salons, libraries, walking trails, and more. If there’s an amenity we don’t have, we can provide transportation for residents to one!

3. Endless Entertainment

There are so many opportunities to stay entertained in California. Our retirement communities are conveniently located near fantastic landmarks and entertainment such as state parks, beautiful beaches, theaters, libraries, and more. The entertainment opportunities are convenient, and there’s an activity for everyone– no matter their budget.

4. Cultural Abundance

California itself is full of a wide range of diverse communities, cultures, and environments. Our California retirement communities are no different! Our communities are full of people from all over the state (and even the world!) including residents and staff. We love learning from each other about our various backgrounds and expanding our knowledge of different cultures. Plus, there are so many diverse attractions full of history in our beautiful state, from Hollywood to the USS Midway Museum to Wine Country. The best part is, we provide residents with transportation to local attractions!

5. Active Lifestyle

California retirement communities promote an active lifestyle among residents. California’s comfortable weather makes getting outside and getting movement easy, and the attractions provide plenty of unique places to make exercise fun. Plus, for residents who prefer to stick close to home, our communities include fitness classes, both indoor and outdoor, in addition to fun amenities like putting greens to keep residents active.

If this can’t convince you that California retirement communities are superior–then we don’t know what will! California is an amazing place to retire–it is full of opportunities for wellness and entertainment and is an excellent state to settle in to improve quality of life.

To learn more about Sunshine Retirement Living and California retirement communities, contact our friendly team today.  Sunshine Retirement provides the best in independent retirement, active retirement, assisted living and dementia care in California.  Whatever your needs or wants, we are here to help you find the right community.

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