5 Spring Celebrations From Greenville Assisted Living

After Being Cooped Up All Winter, Try These Activities For Some Spring Joy


After being indoors all winter, we cannot help but smile as the weather begins to warm up and the flowers start to bloom. Spring is one of our favorite seasons because everything begins to come back to life! The birds start chirping again every morning, the big heavy winter jackets find their homes in the back of the closet once more, and the warm sun shines. If you love spring as much as we do here at Maple Brook Terrace in Greenville, South Carolina, try these fun activities to celebrate spring and all the joy that comes with it!

Get Outside and Explore Nature

Our community is intentionally set up to encourage indoor and outdoor living. With tons of green walking trails and sturdy benches for residents to sit and enjoy the weather, getting outside and exploring nature is easier than ever. Go for a short walk in the sun with a friend, head to the courtyard, or even opt for having your lunch outside as the warmer weather should not be wasted.

Have an Easter Celebration

Easter is on Sunday, April 4th, 2021. Celebrate in style with fun activities that your loved ones can participate in, such as Easter egg painting, decorating for spring, coloring Easter-themed coloring pages, and more. Don’t overthink it and just enjoy each other’s company. If it still is not safe for you to be around your loved one, show them you love them by giving them a call on Easter Sunday to wish them a happy holiday and let them know you wish you could be together this season.

Create an Indoor Herb Garden

The warm sun coming in the windows is perfect for starting your very own indoor herb garden. These gardens can be very fruitful with some patience and a lot of tender love and care. Your loved one can find great joy in watching these plants grow and seeing the fruit of their labor. They may need some help remembering to water and weed them, but this is a fun opportunity for you to spend time with your loved one during the warmer months. Try easy-to-grow options like basil, parsley, and mint to start.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It is no secret that we gather more than we need over the winter months, so take advantage of the warmer weather to do some spring cleaning around your loved one’s home. Now is a good time to purge some of those unwanted, and perhaps dangerous, items from their home such as unnecessary rugs, ancillary tables, knickknacks, and anything that could cause injury or a fall. Now is a good time to install any safety precautions that might help your loved one, such as handrails, a security system, or no-slip grips in the tub.

Feed the Birds

Everyone loves watching birds eat from a bird feeder. There is just something so peaceful about sitting in the sun with a nice breeze blowing by listening to the birds chirp. Take it up a notch by creating your own bird feed with your loved one. You can also using pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed to create your own bird feeder!

Add one (or all five!) of these easy celebrations to your spring to do list and have some extra fun this season! We love having tons of activities for our residents to enjoy here at Maple Brook, and our Life Enrichment Director has a month full of activities planned for April. Follow along to see all the festivities!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Maple Brook, contact our friendly team today.

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