5 Summer Cleaning Tips from the Best Over 55 Communities in Colorado

Help your loved ones reset and refresh their space this season!


Summer in Colorado is beautiful but can bring with it extra dirt and clutter from spending more time outside. At Belleview Heights Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living, we understand the importance of a clean space for both your mental and physical health. That is why our team has compiled our top five cleaning tips to help you and your loved ones get their space sparkling clean as we head into the summer months.

Give Your Products Time to Disinfect

A common mistake that all of us have made is spraying a cleaning product on a countertop or surface and immediately wiping it away. While this removes the surface layer of dirt and grime, many of our products are supposed to sit for several minutes to fully utilize their cleaning properties and disinfectant components. In order to get the most out of your surface cleaners, make sure you read the full instructions and allow them to sit and deep clean before wiping them away!

Don’t Forget to Clean Underneath Furniture

With seasonal allergies making themselves known, it is important to remember to clean underneath furniture, specifically your bed. Allergens collect under these surfaces and can put stress on our immune system even when we think our spaces are clean. We recommend doing this before wiping down flat surfaces and dusting

Vacuum Carpet in a Cross Directional Pattern

Another common mistake is only vacuuming your carpet in one direction. While this is certainly better than not vacuuming at all, in order to get the most dirt and grime out of your carpets and thoroughly clean them, we recommend vacuuming the entire room in one direction and then pivoting and vacuuming again from the opposite direction. This will ensure you have sufficiently cleaned the carpet fibers, which will help eliminate dirt and minimize pesky spring allergies. If you aren’t sure what we mean by this, start by vacuuming your room from left to right, and once done, re-vacuum from top to bottom!

Dust and Vacuum Before Liquid Cleaner

This one might not be a surprise, but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen people forget this step over the years. This is why another top recommendation when cleaning your or your loved ones’ space is to wipe down the countertops, vacuum, and dust hard-to-reach surfaces before going in with any liquid cleaners. This will prevent that dust and dirt from sticking to surfaces and will prevent accidentally creating muddy streaks on the walls or doors.

Wash Bedding and Towels

Our last recommendation when cleaning this summer is to make sure that you remember to ensure that everything is clean, and that includes towels and bedding. A great tip is to let these items wash while you clean to save time. And after a long day of cleaning, there is nothing better than crawling into a clean bed.

Tip: Using scent-boosting washing and drying products will also help keep your bedding smelling fresh longer if you are in a position where you cannot wash your sheets as frequently.

Our team at Belleview Heights understands the importance of keeping our resident’s common areas and living spaces clean. We work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our community has the best experience possible, including offering weekly housekeeping services to help keep their spaces fresh!

For more information on our Colorado retirement community, contact our friendly team today!

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