Socially Distanced Fall Fun at your All-Inclusive Independent Retirement Community

As The Weather Cools Off, Get Cozy With These Activities

Dunwoody Retirement

During normal times, the fall season usually means heading to a pumpkin patch to get lost in a corn maze, walking the streets of a fall festival, visiting a fall play, or some form of gathering in other crowded spaces that do not follow the current social distancing rules set in place to protect us. But we are committed to making sure you still have fun (and safe!) autumn this year!

The team at Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community in Dunwoody, Georgia shares some safe, socially distanced, and most importantly, fun ways to make Fall 2020 your favorite season yet.

Host a Fall-Themed Dessert Bake-Off

When you think of fall, the wonderful desserts associated with the season may come to mind. Pumpkin spice makes a yearly debut, and classic apple pie is synonymous with the taste of fall. Get your competitive and creative juices flowing, and pretend you are on a fall-themed bake-off competition with your friends and family. Choose a theme like “famous Halloween movies” or “cinnamon sugar” and start baking! Up the ante with fun prizes: Maybe the winner gets to choose the movie for the next movie night, or the loser has to wash all the dishes. This activity is sure to get everyone in the spirit of friendly competition!

Make Pumpkin Art

Who says that pumpkins have to be carved?! We certainly do not think so! The trend going around this fall season is to paint pumpkins with fun colors, scenes, or faces. Try your hand at some pumpkin art, but for a new spin, make it non-traditional—no knives allowed! Gather up all the glitter, paint, googly eyes and pipe cleaners you can find and create some fun faces on your pumpkin rather than carving them in. If you are looking for some classic home decor, try mixing baking powder with acrylic paint to add a terra cotta look to your pumpkins.

Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores

As the weather gets cooler, campfires become more popular. Who doesn’t love gathering around a campfire with friends and family and enjoying the melty, chocolatey goodness of a fresh s’more? This one is a classic tradition for autumn, but sometimes it is the simplest of pastimes with those you love most that create the best memories.

Picnic in the Park

With the leaves changing and the air cooling off, it is a pleasure to enjoy a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Grab your favorite person and take a drive down a few backroads to see the tree canopies full of color. Choose a destination for a perfect picnic against a beautiful autumnal background. Your picnic does not have to be super fancy! Some snacky cheese and crackers, or simple sandwiches just like mom used to make are perfect.

Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Another way to celebrate the new season is to get some new decorations! Try an easy Halloween DIY like decorating your porch with some simple pumpkins, fresh flowers and a fun scarecrow to make your home look more inviting. Show your commitment to the holiday spirit by dazzling up your porch or windows!

Although this season might look different from the outside since we have to stay socially distant and wear masks in public to stay safe, that does not mean we can’t have any of the traditional fall fun that we normally have! In fact, since we are likely staying home more this year, take the time to spend quality time—even if it’s virtual—with your friends and family. With these activities, you’re sure to keep the fun going all season long!

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