August is Wellness Month at Sunshine Retirement Living Communities

August is Wellness Month at Sunshine Retirement Living Communities


Wellness Month brings Sunshine residents healthy doses of goodness, togetherness and happiness.

August. The month named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor in 8 B.C. The word consequently means: auspicious, distinguished, grand, majestic, dignified, stately and eminent. With that in mind, what better time to celebrate health and wellness than during such an “august” month, eh?

This year commemorates Sunshine Retirement Living’s 5th annual August Wellness Month, across all our communities. So we’re pulling out all the stops to offer our residents the best darn Sunshine Wellness Experience ever! Throughout the month, we’re providing opportunities for residents to learn wellness practices from local professionals based on four different categories–Get Informed, Get Fit, Get Restored and Give Back. We’re also presenting many exercise challenges, informative wellness seminars, workshops, fun activities and prizes for a healthier way of life. Residents have enjoyed and benefitted from many of them already.

At the beginning of the month, every resident received a special Wellness Calendar and a Wellness Stamp Card. (They get rewarded with a stamp on their card every time they attend any of the Wellness events highlighted on the Wellness Calendar.) At the end of the month, everyone will be recognized and awarded at their community’s Wellness Awards Ceremony. The resident who receives the most stamps on his or her stamp card at each community will win a customized Wellness Challenge Winner $50 Visa Gift Card for their hard work!

Here’s more information about the four categories and the events that we have planned:

Get Informed

We live in a changing world where information about new ideas, policies, problems and solutions constantly arise. Getting informed and learning about these new things can help us live healthier lives. Get informed this month by attending these activities:

• Chef demos on natural antioxidants and food nutrition, 8/18 – The Gardens at Brook Ridge

• Karate presentation from Dojo Karate, 8/19 – Dunwoody Pines

• Neurosize brain strengthening exercises, 8/22 – Dunwoody Pines

• Fruitwise Fruit Presentation and Tasting, 8/24 – Villa Serena

Get Fit

For those who have been watching life from the sidelines for a while, the thought of getting fit may seem daunting. But the payoffs of living a longer, healthier life are well worth it. The first step is to develop a good attitude and set achievable fitness goals. Then keep track of progress and get into a sustainable routine. To make things easier, buddy up with a friend to support and challenge each other, and then switch things up and try new things together. Some ways to get fit this month include:

• NorCal Sunshine Olympics, 8/23 – Deer Park, Villa Serena, Quail Lodge

• Benefits of Aqua-aerobics Talk, 8/30 – The Gardens at Brook Ridge

Get Restored

Getting physically and mentally restored is essential for your health. With our hectic lives, we are constantly on the move, and over time this has caused damage to our quality of life. We need to reclaim balance and give ourselves some much needed peace of mind, body and soul. You can get restored with some of these activities:

• Walker adjustments and cleaning, 8/15 – The Verandah & The Carriage House

• Essential oils lip balm, 8/17 – The Verandah & The Carriage House

• Essential oils lavender sleepy time pillow spray making 8/15 – Villa Serena

• Community Talent Show, 8/28 – Clairmont

• Nail Polish Party, 8/22 – The Landing

• Pet Therapy Visit, 8/31 – Fountain Crest

Give Back

Volunteering services or donating goods and money are not only beneficial for the recipients, but for the givers as well. Doing good for others and paying it forward does wonders for self-esteem, and having money to be disposed of is not a requirement. Here are some ways to give back this month:

Cookbook Proceeds being donated – Clairmont

Blessing Bags for women’s shelter, Wednesdays – The Verandah & The Carriage House

Community Talent show, 8/28 – Clairmont

Change for Change drive for Arkansas AlZ with coin rolling party, 8/30 – Country Club Village

All in all, August is a great month to get active and involved in Sunshine’s Wellness opportunities. Check with your local Life Enrichment Director to see what activities are planned in your community. Once you experience them, you’ll want to make every month Wellness Month.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living

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