The Benefits Of Assisted & Independent Living for Seniors

The Benefits Of Assisted & Independent Living for Seniors


As individuals get older, the decision between assisted and independent care comes up. Knowing the benefits that they both have to offer can help make this decision an easier one. Before choosing a senior living facility make sure you are making the right decision for the senior in your life.

Benefits of Independent Living

Independent living facilities are designed for seniors who are still independent. Here are all of the benefits that independent living facilities have to offer:

  • Assistance when needed. While independent living facilities do not offer care on site, if something were to happen where help was needed, help is never too far away. Residents are never alone which makes it a great alternative that puts the minds of family and friends at ease.
  • Socialization and entertainment. There are a lot of activities at these facilities which means more socialization and entertainment. Seniors that live at these facilities can spend their time doing the things that they want to do, whether it be talking a walk with friends or going to the latest event being put on by the facility. They have lots of entertainment that they want the residents to enjoy.
  • Privacy when desired. Seniors have the option to enjoy private living quarters or share with a friend, it is completely up to them. Seniors can also choose to participate in activities going on, hang out with friends or they can just stay in their room and read a book. The options are all there for them.
  • All inclusive rent. One of the best benefits for seniors that live in these types of facilities is that the rent they pay includes everything they need. They only have to pay one monthly bill instead of having to worry about cable costs, water, electricity, and more. This benefit makes life a lot less hectic.

Additional Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living homes are designed for individuals who need a little bit more help than those living in an independent living facility. While they have all the benefits of an independent facility they also include:

  • Assistance with daily activities. One of the best benefits of choosing an assisted living facility is that help is always there when it is needed, especially when it comes to daily activities. For some seniors, they may need help getting dressed, getting up from a seated position, achieving good personal hygiene, remembering to take medications, going to the bathroom and other daily acts.
  • Lower cost than nursing homes. Nursing homes are usually expensive with all of the care they provide. Since the care level is not as on demand, the cost is lower at an assisted living facilities.

Weighing Your Options

Trying to decide between the two types of senior living facilities may be difficult, but ultimately it all comes down to how much help the in question senior really needs. Both facilities are wonderful places to live and will make seniors feel at home.

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