Benefits of a Healthy, Fresh Diet At Our 55+ Communities In Georgia

Your guide as to why this is the season to focus on nutrition!


It is no secret that eating right is a significant factor in our overall health, but did you know that a healthy diet can do more than help maintain a healthy weight? Studies have linked eating right to many other physical and mental health benefits. Our dedicated team works endlessly to ensure that all of our 55+ communities in Georgia offer both delicious and nutritious meal options centered around the MIND diet. This diet is backed by research showing that using food to combat ailments will help you embrace all that summer has to offer.

Our expert team has compiled this list of 5 physical and cognitive health benefits to encourage you to jump into a healthy diet this season:

Eating well can help your skin, teeth, and eyes.

It has been found that certain nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene could reduce the risk of decline in eye health due to age-related risks. What better way to incorporate these necessary nutrients into your daily routine than in your diet!

Nutrient-dense foods can boost your immune system.

Your immune system relies on several factors to function at its peak potential, and one of the key factors in strong immunity is white blood cells. Studies show that people who focus their diets around fruits and vegetables and take in high amounts of vitamins and low amounts of fat have more effective white blood cells!

A balanced diet can help improve heart health.

Research suggests that healthy eating can help reduce high blood pressure and hypertension, both leading factors in heart attacks. This article suggests that a healthy diet and exercise can prevent up to 80% of heart disease. Focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats are just a few of the many conscious shifts that can help improve cardiovascular health!

The MIND diet has been linked to slowing and preventing the onset of neurodegenerative decay (including memory loss and Alzheimer’s).

The MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) is a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet and originated to prevent dementia and memory loss. This diet focuses on whole grains, leafy greens, antioxidant-rich berries, nuts, olive oil, legumes, lean protein, and even wine! This eating style is versatile and allows you to eat to satisfy your cravings without the harm of processed foods.

Diet can impact sleep habits so eating a well-rounded source of foods is key to better rest.

We all want to sleep better, and like everything else on this list, your diet can play a significant role in helping you get a great night’s sleep. When you fuel your brain with the correct nutrients, it can complete all its necessary functions properly, including those sleep-inducing chemicals that help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The next time you find yourself tossing and turning all night, try gobbling down a complex carbohydrate like oatmeal or whole wheat toast. These foods will help your body to produce serotonin which can help make you feel more tired and fall asleep faster.

With some of the top retirement communities in Georgia, we pride ourselves on focusing on our residents and their physical and mental health. That is why we take diet and nutrition seriously, understanding that what goes into your body can have a lasting impact on your daily life.

For more information about any of our Georgia 55+ residences or to schedule a tour, contact our friendly team today!

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