Best Exercises For Seniors From Over 55 Communities In California

More Exercise Means a Better Quality of Life


It’s no secret that staying active is key to healthy aging. After all, exercise promotes independence, improves balance, increases energy, prevents and counteracts disease, improves brain function, boosts mood, and so much more. Ultimately, it can help improve your overall quality of life, allowing you to live each day to its fullest.

At our active retirement communities in California, we encourage our residents to live an active, healthy lifestyle by educating them about the importance of physical activity as well as providing them with ample opportunities to exercise. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best exercises for seniors to engage in.


While it seems simple, walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for seniors. It does require balance, but it is also accessible to those who may use a cane or walker. A great way to get walking in our communities is by joining a walking club, or inviting a friend who walks at a similar pace to join you for strolls through our beautiful grounds or a local park.

Armchair Yoga

For those who need a low-impact, accessible form of exercise, armchair yoga is a great choice! During armchair yoga, participants may try a variety of poses and stretches, such as the overhead stretch, seated mountain pose, or seated cat stretch. Armchair yoga has many benefits–it helps build muscle in addition to promoting flexibility, balance, and mobility. Our residents love this activity so much that it is often found on the activity calendars at our over 55 communities in California.

Bodyweight Training

It is common for seniors to experience muscle loss as they age, making it important to engage in muscle-building exercises. Luckily, intense weight lifting is not necessary to stay healthy–your body weight can be sufficient. Plus, for those who are not already physically active, starting with body weight is safer. Some bodyweight exercises to try include chair squats, wall push-ups, glute bridges and side leg lifts.

Water Aerobics

Exercising in the water, whether it be swimming or water aerobics, is often considered the best exercise–it improves cardiovascular health while also building muscle. Plus, it puts minimal stress on your bones and joints, as the water provides you with buoyancy. This makes it a great activity for those who struggle with arthritis or osteoporosis.


If you or your loved one are looking for a fun way to get moving, dancing might just be the thing. Dancing is a great exercise for seniors, as it can help promote balance and motor coordination. There are a variety of dance styles you can enjoy, such as line dancing, ballroom dancing, salsa, ballet and more. At our 55+ retirement communities in California, we love to host classes from Zumba, a fitness program that combines cardio and Latin-inspired dance–how fun!

Exercises To Avoid

It’s also important to understand what exercises seniors should avoid, as they may put an unhealthy strain on the body or pose dangers, such as falling. Here are some activities that it is likely best to avoid, as they are very intense:

  • Long-distance running
  • Heavy lifting, such as deadlifting, leg press, bench press, or weighted squats
  • High-intensity interval training or plyometrics

At Sunshine Retirement Living’s over 55 communities in California, we offer a plethora of exercise classes and activities of varying levels of intensity so that each resident can work toward their health. Before beginning new exercise routines, we suggest that you consult with your doctor about what exercises are best for you.

Want a community that will help you or your loved one stay fit? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our friendly team today to see for yourself or learn more about Retirement Living communities in California.

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