Best Hobbies For Seniors That Help Support Memory Care Needs

Stimulate Your Loved One’s Brain With These Engaging Activities

Engaging Activities For Seniors' Memory Care Needs

Let’s learn how memory care can become your or your loved one’s favorite new hobby! Taking time every day to stimulate your brain and care for your cognitive health shouldn’t feel like a chore. Therefore, we have compiled a list of popular hobbies that will put the fun back into memory support. Here are five engaging activities recommended by the Heritage Point Memory Care Facility in Mishawaka, Indiana that is great for both the spirit and the brain!

Five of Heritage Point’s Favorites

We have compiled this list based on both some of the resident’s favorite activities, as well as what activities are recommended by health professionals to be beneficial to seniors’ memory care. These hobbies will stimulate the brain in a way that is fun for seniors, whether that is through a creativity exercise, a group social experience, or a nostalgic act that reminds them of their past.

Let’s Start with Music

Music Therapy! Now, hear us out–just because it has therapy in the name, doesn’t mean it isn’t a hobby. Music therapy can be as simple as listening to music from one’s past, which may trigger memories and emotions, or working to learn some new music in a group sing-a-long. Residents at Heritage Point can put in some headphones or take a group music class, and enjoy some tunes while also supporting their memory care.

Time to Get Creative

Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Whether it is painting, pottery, or even simple doodles, taking the time to be creative can aid with cognitive function and memory support. At Heritage Point, residents can take painting classes or other sorts of artistic hobbies, and use both their imaginations and memories to bring life to their art. Better yet, this hobby can also strengthen seniors’ coordination and upper body strength from focusing on holding their artistic tool. Creativity, memory care, and muscle coordination are all key parts of participating in arts and crafts!

Dive Deeper With Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality experiences may be a newer hobby for your loved one, but they’re worth trying out! Virtual Reality, or VR experiences, have become a new, exciting way to incorporate memory care into fun and engaging activities. Seniors at Heritage Point can throw on a VR headset, and take a virtual tour of famed familiar sights, calming forests or beaches, or even relive the experience of a roller coaster! These experiences are perfect for making memory care a thrilling, immersive activity. Once residents give it a try, VR could definitely become their go-to hobby!

What Is… Game Night!

Game nights are a classic! At Heritage Point, residents are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of games, like trivia, bingo, and more. Many of these games combine mental stimulation with a little bit of friendly competition, making it an awesome hobby that also supports seniors’ memory. So, if your loved one is an aspiring Jeopardy star, this is the hobby for them!

Keeping Life Skills Sharp

One last hobby that also helps support memory care is participating in simple life skills, like cooking, knitting, gardening, or even tinkering with various toys or machines. Here at Heritage Point, we offer many of these engaging activities in our “life skills stations” where residents can engage in the everyday tasks that remind them of their past, while also being supported by the professional staff who are there to guide residents and keep them safe. Whether it is baking or building faux machines, the simple skills of life that trigger memories for seniors are great hobbies to engage the brain and bring in the physical element of “doing” these actions. These hobbies also keep these skills sharp in residents, which helps to foster their feelings of independence and remaining capable of doing the daily tasks of their youth.

Memory Care Should Be Fun!

Memory care is a crucial part of promoting cognitive health through the aging process. However, there’s no reason that taking care of one’s memory can’t be fun! Heritage Point uses unique types of therapy, games, and engaging activities to make memory care our residents’ favorite new hobby! These activities are also supported by staff who are always there to lend a helping hand, or guide residents in their hobbies so that they have a positive experience. Heritage Point is a place where residents of all cognitive levels can engage in the activities around them, and find what is best suited to supporting their specific needs!

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