New Holiday Traditions to Try With Our Memory Care Homes

Bring a little holiday spirit to your winter with these great ideas!


As the holiday season makes its mark, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to spend quality time with our loved ones. At our memory care communities, we love watching our residents and their loved ones spend quality time together during this season of love. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for creating new holiday traditions with your loved ones this season.

Holiday Memory Book

The warmth of the holiday season can evoke some of our fondest memories. While many of us have photo albums or scrapbooks, they’re usually chronological. We love the idea of creating a photo album or scrapbook with your loved one solely dedicated to the holiday season. Dig up old family photos, holiday cards, small or flat keepsakes, and bring them with some scrapbooking materials when visiting your loved one.

You can work together to decorate pages and perhaps even recall some funny stories or anecdotes together. Remember to take some photos and write down some of the sweet moments you share together and add a page to the book when you’re done! Not only is this a great keepsake, but it is something you can share with your loved one time and again.

Holiday Games

While a lot of holiday games like dreidel or a holiday scavenger hunt are geared toward children, there’s an element of letting your inner child out that is a great way to stimulate the mind and create positive experiences.

Bring a little gelt and a dreidel with you and play with your loved one and their community members. Or perhaps bring some Christmas coloring pages and crayons with you and have a fun afternoon coloring in a happy snowman scene or Santa’s workshop. Speaking of Santa, you can even put together a fun letter to Santa with your loved one–even if you both know the truth, pretending you’re a child again can bring out your creativity and spark a bit of dopamine!

Fancy Lunch

If you and your loved one are up for a little trip, consider making a reservation at a fancy restaurant–or better yet a quirky diner or pancake house–and get dressed in your very best for a lunch out on the town. Order your favorite meals or something new, and spend a couple hours laughing, eating delicious treats, and letting strangers admire your extra fancy attire. Each year, pick a new restaurant, or keep the tradition the same by visiting the same place again and again. You can even call ahead and request a fancy tablecloth, tablescape, or candles on the table.


There’s something about scent that is a powerful tool for unlocking memories, and it’s one of the five senses that is often neglected. Bring a few essential oils with you that are holiday themed – perhaps pine, sugar, vanilla, maple, or peppermint, and spend an afternoon with your loved one smelling these scents and talk to each other about what they may remind you of. At our memory care communities, we love our sensory spa, which includes aromatherapy–so we know how powerful of a tool this can be!

Holiday Cards

One of our favorite suggestions is writing holiday cards with your loved one for children in children’s hospitals that might not get to go home for the holidays. Bring a stack of holiday cards, some great pens, and get to writing sweet wishes for the holidays for the kids. Not only will it put a smile on the children’s faces, but it’s sure to make you and your loved one smile as well!

This holiday season, take some time to try something new with your loved one. We’re certain you’ll enjoy making new memories to cherish!

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