Calming Activities for Your Loved One from our Memory Care in Georgia

Create a zen and peaceful space for your loved one!

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We all could use a little more calm and peace in our lives! At the Marshall Pines Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community, we provide ongoing opportunities for our residents to learn and implement calming strategies using a multi-sensory approach. We have a Life Enrichment Director whose sole job is to plan and schedule daily activities! We hope that when you aren’t with us, you can try some of these calming activity ideas to support your loved one.


If your loved one has a skill for sorting, this can come in handy in lots of ways throughout your day! Putting items in categories such as different colored buttons, nuts and bolts, coins, and silverware, provides a way for your loved one to feel productive while simultaneously engaging in a calming activity. If assistance is needed, provide visual cues by having separate containers for each category and perhaps demonstrating where each item belongs a few times first.

Tactile Activities

Keeping the hands busy can be a powerful tool for supporting your loved one, keeping them calm and regulated. Depending on personal preference, here are a few ideas for tactile activities you can incorporate to your routine:

  • Slime (get creative by inserting little items inside to find)
  • Flipping sequin pillows or making designs in sequin fabric
  • Bubble wrap (pinch the bubbles or stomp on it to music)
  • Play dough or clay
  • Sensory sand

Hand Massage

Along the lines of tactile activities, a hand massage can provide much-needed calming for your loved one after a tense situation or long day. Using lotion that is scented with lavender or orange can provide additional support and put the mind at ease. This could be a great wind-down routine prior to bedtime!

Stress Balloons

Stress balloons are easy to make and extremely versatile! Balloons can be filled with rice, flour, sand, cornstarch, play dough, or water beads. You can create the balloons together with a variety of fillings, and even decorate the balloons if you’d like! Squeezing these balloons is an effective tool to have on hand to help your loved one in feeling relaxed. This also works on hand and grip strength!

Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have become very popular lately, and for good reason: coloring is definitely not just for kids! If the traditional adult coloring books don’t feel accessible to your loved one, consider creating your own. You can work together to find printable pages online. Printing two copies and making an “example” could also be beneficial if your loved one prefers a more guided coloring activity.

Look at Old Photographs

Our last piece of advice for calming activities is to look at old photographs together. Often, feelings of agitation or anxiety can come from a lack of control of the current situation– reminiscing on memories from the past can remind your loved one of pleasant times. Making a scrapbook together can take this activity one step further, the end result being an item that is truly cherished.

Here at the Marshall Pines Memory Care community, we want nothing more than for our residents to feel at home. Our team focuses on presenting activities rooted in each resident’s interests and capabilities, while working hard to encourage a safe and relaxing space. We hope you give some of these calming activities a try!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of our amazing Marshall Pines Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living community, we’d be happy to set up a tour!

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