Challenge Yourself To A Happier New You

Challenge Yourself To A Happier New You

Challenge Yourself To A Happier New You

Remember last week’s post on New Year’s Resolutions? How are those working out for you?

Hopefully, many of you are still going strong with fulfilling your goals for 2018 and looking forward to achieving some life-changing results. But to make sure your commitment stays strong, we thought we’d share with you what residents are doing at a couple of different Sunshine Retirement communities.

At Dunwoody Pines in Dunwoody, Georgia, residents are now on Day 19 of their 21-Day Challenge, says Life Enrichment Director Ashley Hurd:

“Studies show that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So we’re giving residents who want to make a real change in their lives a clear-cut support program.”

According to Hurd, the program involves just three simple steps:

  • Set a Goal – a workshop was provided to help residents pick something worthwhile as well as practical.
  • Find a Friend – everything is more fun with a friend to offer encouragement.
  • Spread Cheer – Throughout the challenge, residents are expected to post their accomplishments (big or small) on a Goal Setting Worksheet or an accomplishment board. Then fellow residents can cheer them on by placing special “thumbs Up” stickers on it

“Whether they’re related to physical fitness, diet, relationships, greener living or whatever, each resident has different wellness goals for the year,” says Hurd. “We know that goals are not always easy to attain. That’s why we customize a wellness activity that is unique to the goal and then provide extra incentive like gifts and prizes for people who do at least one healthy thing for themselves every day.”

Team members at Dunwoody Pines also make a point of acknowledging the Challenge participants in their resident meeting. And at the end of the 21 days, the resident who accumulates the most points will earn an extra special gift for being crowned “Wellness Champion.”

As resident Stephanie Maya says: “I always see the world with a positive glass half-full outlook. This healthy attitude of making the best of each moment is what helps me get through each day with a smile on my face.”

Meanwhile, Quail Lodge in Antioch, California is in the midst of a 21-Day Challenge of its own that also has residents smiling. Rather than having customized goals and challenges, they’re attending a morning class designed to get them into a daily fitness routine with cardio, weights, resistance and balance stations. Residents who participate for all 21 days will receive awards at a special ceremony. Response to the Challenge has been overwhelmingly positive.

“My daughters have been after me to exercise,” said Priscilla Lauron, Quail Lodge resident. “They call me every day and ask if I did it and I’m proud to say, Yes!”

We hope it doesn’t take pressure from your family members to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions. But one way or another, the team members and fellow residents at Sunshine Retirement Living communities are here to help.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living January, 2018.

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