Christmas Gift Ideas For Loved Ones From Mason Alzheimer’s Care

Gift Guide For A Perfect Present To Your Senior Loved Ones

Gift Ideas for your senior loved ones

The holidays are here, which means that finding the perfect gift for all your friends and family is top of mind these days. Are you struggling to find something that will make your loved one smile? Coming up with a good gift idea for seniors can be a real challenge. After all, many seniors have a particular taste, or they may have more stuff than they know what to do with. This challenge can be heightened if they insist that they do not need anything (as many people do). So, what should you get them?

The best gift is one that makes them feel special, and there are so many ways to do that! We are also partial to gifts that make their lives easier, healthier or more fun. The expert team here at Central Parke Assisted Living and Memory Care in Mason, Ohio has put together a list of Christmas gifts ideas that we think will make them feel loved and appreciated. Let’s dive in:

Time Together (Virtually)

As we are sure that you know, many seniors would prefer to just spend time with their friends and family rather than receiving a physical gift. Unfortunately, with today’s climate, it might not be possible to visit your loved one in person in a safe manner. But that does not mean that you cannot still spend precious time together. Giving your loved one a phone call, using video chat software, or even going to visit through the window is sure to make him or her feel special and included in the holiday festivities.

Books and Games

Another fantastic gift idea is to give a book! One of the best ways to keep the brain going strong is to challenge it by reading or working puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku, or even traditional puzzles. Your loved one is sure to love getting a fun and exciting new book to read during the cold and rainy days this winter, and you get the bonus of knowing that you are supporting their brain health in the process.

Personalized Calendar

No matter our age, keeping track of birthdays, events, and appointments can be challenging. Who can remember all of those things off the top of their head? Help your loved ones out by giving them an easy-to-use calendar that can keep all of their dates, appointments, and to-do lists all in one spot. Take it up a notch by personalizing it with photos of your family, their name, or even their favorite vacation spot.

Homemade Desserts

For many of us, the way to our hearts is through our stomachs. There is seldom a better gift than a delicious, homemade treat from a family member! Desserts such as cookies, pies, and cobblers always taste better when they are made by family using grandma’s old recipe. Surprise grandma this year by baking her famous blueberry cobbler and bringing it to her. This is sure to put a smile on her face and make her feel special since she will know how much you appreciate her good cooking. She might even have some critiques for you – all in good fun of course!

Snuggly Stuff

With the weather getting cold and snow on the horizon, now is more important than ever to make sure that your loved ones stay warm and comfortable. This is especially important for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, since they may not realize they are cold or might not be able to tell you they are cold. We recommend being proactive and gifting your loved ones with warm, snuggly blankets, jackets, gloves, and scarves to help keep them warm this winter.

We hope this list is helpful for you as you shop for loved ones. We are wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays this season!

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