Cold and Flu Fighting Tips from our Santa Ana Memory Care Community

Simple solutions for fighting the cold and flu this season


No one enjoys getting sick during the winter, much less getting others sick. But other than covering our mouths when we sneeze and washing our hands, how can we fight the spread of the pesky, and potentially dangerous viruses?

At Park View Estates Transitional Assisted Living and Memory Care, we take flu and cold precautions very seriously. Our team members at our senior living community near Santa Ana, CA do their absolute best to keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy, and thriving, and we need your help! We’ve compiled some great tips to fight colds and flus this season. Check them out below, and consider adding some of these tips to your daily and seasonal routine!

Boost your immunity with Vitamin D!

With other vitamins taking center stage as important immune boosters (we’re looking at you, C), Vitamin D is an often overlooked but incredibly beneficial vitamin for your immunity! Vitamin D can reduce inflammation, and lab studies have shown that it is effective at controlling infections. Found in healthy fats like fatty fish, beef liver, dairy products and eggs, this vitamin is easy to get if you know where to look! Chock full of protein as well, this vitamin is essential to healthy living.

Get your flu vaccine

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the importance of receiving your flu vaccine. With 40% – 60% efficacy rates, the vaccine is an important way to protect yourself and loved ones from the flu. Not only does it reduce your risk of catching the flu or spreading it to others – including more vulnerable populations like pregnant people, children under the age of 6, and seniors, but it also reduces your risk for severe infection, which is a huge win in our books! For those hesitant to receive the flu vaccine, you can read more about the benefits of the vaccine.

Rest Up!

But what do we do when we have come down with the cold or the flu? As many of us lead extremely active and busy lives with responsibilities pulling us in a million directions, it can feel impossible to slow down when we get sick. Illnesses like the cold and flu are viewed as simply inconveniences we can muddle through. However, not only does ignoring your symptoms and sickness by not staying home mean you might spread them to others more easily, it can also keep you sicker longer.

One of the most important infection fighters we have is rest. Completely underrated in today’s hustle and bustle culture, rest is the key ingredient to warding off infection. By wrapping up in cozy blankets, sitting on the couch, and giving yourself adequate rest, your body is allowed to concentrate the bulk of its energy on letting the immune system do what it does best. We all love to think we’re incredible multi-taskers, and the body itself is the best multi-tasker there is, but there’s something to be said for an intense concentration on a project–and fighting off infection is a project for your body! Plus, think back to sick days at home when you were a child. Was there really anything better than staying home from school in front of a movie, sleeping on the couch, and eating hot chicken soup? We don’t think so!

So the next time you find yourself with a little tickle in your nose and feeling under the weather, or even to avoid getting there in the first place, consider these tips and tricks. Staying healthy does take a little bit of care, and we’d love to see you stay healthy!

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