Cool Summer Activities For Retirement Communities in Massachusetts

5 Indoor Activities When it’s Too Hot To Go Outside

Cool Indoor Activities For Senior during Summer

Summertime is in full swing–and so is the heat that comes with it! While it’s fun to get outside and enjoy the summer sun by playing outdoor games, going on walks with friends, participating in fun activities, and more, sometimes it’s just too hot to bear. Not only can the heat and sun be uncomfortable, but they can also have negative effects, such as dehydration and sunburn. But don’t worry–there are still plenty of ways that you can stay busy this summer on days that are just way too hot to go outside. Here are 5 indoor activities that you can use to make the most of hot summer days from The Woods at Merrimack, one of the best over 55 communities in Massachusetts North Shore!

Visit Museums

Our modern senior living community in Merrimack Valley is conveniently located near many museums that are full of information and history about the surrounding area. We often schedule day trips for residents to visit these museums and see all that they have to offer. Here are a few museums nearby:

  • The Buttonwoods Museum
  • Custom House Maritime Museum
  • Museum of Printing


Play Games With Friends or Family

Whether you enjoy games of luck, strategy, or skill, they are a great way to stay busy, have fun and socialize indoors. Consider inviting your family and friends to come to play or join in on community games and meet new people! The Woods at Merrimack has so many games to offer, including:

  • Wii Bowling
  • Bingo
  • Scrabble
  • Cards
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Nintendo Switch



When it’s too hot to go outside for a walk, outdoor fitness class or other form of exercise, there are still plenty of opportunities to get moving and work on your physical fitness indoors. Here are just a few of the exercise classes and opportunities we have to offer at the Woods at Merrimack:

  • Stretch and flex
  • Morning meditation
  • Powercise: Balance
  • Yoga
  • Powercise: Full body
  • Tai Chi
  • Powercise: Music and Movement


Enjoy a Movie

Sometimes watching a movie during the summer on a hot day is the perfect way to relax. If you’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors and moving around, consider sitting back, relaxing, and watching a movie! You can head to a local theater and check out a new showing such as In the Heights, Cruella, F9, or Queen Bees. You can also enjoy movies without even leaving our community at the Woods at Merrimack. We offer daily movie showings at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., with a variety of genres. This is also a great opportunity to spark conversations with fellow residents after the movie!

Spark Your Creativity and Imagination

Enjoy the indoors this summer by expressing your creativity or freeing your imagination. There are so many benefits to being artistic or stimulating your mind with a book–it helps reduce stress, is empowering, prevents cognitive decline, and more. Here are just a few ideas for indoor artistic or creative activities to try:

  • Read a new book
  • Paint or draw a picture
  • Create flower arrangements
  • Write a journal
  • Make a collage or scrapbook

From museum visits to playing games with friends, there are so many ways to beat the heat and make the most of summer days with fun indoor activities!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of The Woods at Merrimack, contact our friendly team today.

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