Declutter Your Space This Spring at Retirement Communities in Colorado

Five easy steps to refresh and reset your space


Spring is in the air, so now is the perfect time to reset your space and dive into spring cleaning–especially if you didn’t get to it right when the winter started to thaw! Here at Belleview Heights Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living, we understand the importance of a clean and clutter-free environment. Did you know keeping your living space clean can also have a massive impact on your mood, comfort, and relaxation? That is why our team has created our step-by-step process for decluttering your space this season:

Go Through Drawers, Cabinets, and Storage Spaces

The first step in decluttering is to do just that, remove the clutter. While this may sound simple, it can take a lot of effort if your items have piled up. With this in mind, we have created a system to help take this task one step at a time. With this system, you and your loved ones can tackle this process with ease. Here are a few guidelines to help:

Pick One Area to Start: Often, trying to tackle an entire project at once leads to burnout and failure, which is why we always recommend picking one smaller space and starting there. Choose an area like a single closet, a bathroom, or even one storage space like a nightstand.

Create a System: Having a system like a “keep pile,” “donate pile,” and a “throw-away pile” will help keep things organized as you go.

Organize What Remains: Instead of trying to organize while deciding what you keep or throw away, we recommend deciding what to keep and then organizing it as the final task.

Clean Out Your Closet

The next step in decluttering for spring is to go through, organize, and clean out your wardrobe. For some, this may include sorting through old clothes you no longer wear and donating them. For others, it may mean sorting your clothes into seasons so that you can easily access those warmer weather options. Whatever this looks like for you this will help free up room in your closets which is a great preparation for step three.

Put Away Last Season’s Decor

Here at Belleview Heights, we love encouraging our residents to embrace each season and decorate their space accordingly. However, this does mean that as the seasons change, you need to have space to store last season’s decor. Like so many of us, you and your loved one may find that out-of-season decorations are still far into spring. This is the perfect time to store those items to make room for your spring and summer decorations. Now that you have cleared up space in your cabinets and closets, this should be smooth sailing!

Refresh Your Linens

Our second to last step is to wash and replace your bed sheets, towels, and other linens in your living space. Lets face it, after the hard work of decluttering, you deserve to lay down in a clean bed for a good night’s sleep!

Clean from Top to Bottom

Our fifth and final step is to deep clean your space. We alway recommend working from top to bottom to ensure you get every nook and cranny. This includes dusting hard to reach corners and ceiling fans, wiping down your countertops and surfaces, and vacuuming your entire space, including under furniture.

Our entire team at Belleview Heights works to help keep your loved ones’ space clean and organized throughout the year, but it never hurts to take the time and do a little spring cleaning for the new season.

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