Delicious Summer Treats to Try from Our 55+ Communities in Oregon

Bask in the glorious flavors of summer with these unique dishes!


Summer brings some of the tastiest and freshest flavors to our neck of the woods. Incorporating local and seasonal fruits into your daily diet is easy. From fresh marionberries to juicy watermelon, there’s truly no end to the creativity you can take when treating yourself this season.

From our Oregon Senior Retirement Living Communities to you, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite summer treats to try this season! With our community’s focus on the MIND diet–well, in mind– we’ve compiled a list of recipes that include berries. This particular fruit is a huge part of what makes the MIND diet so brain healthy! Check out our favorite recipes below.

Watermelon and Strawberry Granita

Similar to sorbet or Italian ice, granita is a frozen treat made without dairy and with very few ingredients. This recipe from Epicurious combines summer’s classic fruit, watermelon, with another summer favorite, fresh strawberries. Made extra fluffy and crystalline by the double freezing method that incorporates fluffing with a fork in between, a granita is easy to make and a true crowd pleaser on a hot day.

Blackberry Lavender Ice Cream Sandwiches

Though lavender can be a little overpowering of a flavor, we think pairing it with Oregon’s native blackberries is an ingenious way to soften it. We’re huge fans of Half Baked Harvest’s creations, and these delectable ice cream sandwiches are heavenly. While definitely a treat for a special occasion, these sweet cream based, blackberry swirl frozen treats are worth the extra time in the kitchen. One of the things we love about this cook is that she wants every piece of her meals to be home made, and we are so here for it! With fresh cookies, homemade jam, and lots of love poured into every bite, we’re sure you’ll want to share these with everyone you love!

Blueberry Smoothie

You can’t mention the word summer without thinking about getting your hands on a frosty, fruity smoothie. We love a good blueberry smoothie for both the antioxidants and the flavor! With extra blueberries, protein rich greek yogurt, and a protein powder of your choice, this deliciously simple recipe lets the humble blueberry take the stage. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding a couple other flavors or superfoods to the mix like coconut, flaxseed, or even a few other berries for an even stronger antioxidant kick!

Citrus and Berry Mocktail

When you just need a nice refreshing drink, there’s nothing better than a bubbly, citrusy, berry beverage. While this might be cheating a little, we’re including it anyway. This delicious mocktail features orange juice, lime, sparkling water, and a splash of cranberry juice. We suggest adding some freshly cooked (and cooled), muddled cranberries for an added treat and a hint of something different. There’s no better way to end a long summer night than with a glass of this mocktail in hand, sitting on the porch, and watching the fireflies glow well into the evening.

With so many amazing recipes out there, it’s hard to pick just a handful, but we think these are definitely in the running for the best summer treats out there! Let us know if you try them, or even better, bring us a sample!

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