Discussing Medication Management With a Pittsburgh Retirement Community

The Experts Share How to Properly Manage Your Medications

Properly Managing Your Medications, Pittsburgh

Properly managing your medications is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But if you’re struggling to keep everything straight, don’t worry; everyone can relate to that sinking feeling when you realize you forget, run out of, or misplace your medication! The Haven at North Hills Senior Residence, a personal care and memory care community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is here to provide you with basic tips on how to avoid those “oops” moments.

Why Is It Important?

Nearly all adults will take some prescription in their lifetime, with many taking more than one on a daily basis. Managing your medications can be tough without proper planning, leading to the common experience of stress or anxiety when it comes to trying to maintain a consistent medication schedule. However, this schedule is essential given that taking medications incorrectly can lead to complications or bad outcomes that are totally preventable. Read on to learn how you can maintain your own medication schedule, and utilize simple preventative measures to keep you on track.

What To Do – Advice from Pittsburgh Nursing Homes

Here is a list of medication management “hacks”, where a few simple steps can simplify your life and prevent stress over maintaining your medication schedule.

  • Keep a recorded schedule of what you need to take, from name to dosage to frequency, in a daily planner, or on easily accessible technology. Almost everyone carries a phone with them like an extension of their body these days–use it! Apps like Google Calendar, Notes, or medication-specific apps like Medisafe can be used to record your medication schedule.
  • Set alarms! If you need to take your medicine at exactly 8 am, 8 pm, or both, why not set a daily alarm to remind you that it’s time to take your prescription? Again, use your technology at hand!
  • Create a routine for filling your medications. We recommend filling all of your prescriptions at the same pharmacy, or utilizing a mail-order pharmacy so they will be delivered right to your door. Consistency is key when it comes to filling prescriptions. Plus, an ongoing relationship with your local pharmacist will always be helpful in case you ever have questions regarding your medication.
  • Talk to your doctor often regarding your medication, and keep track of your refills. Much like a relationship with a local pharmacist, maintaining a relationship with your doctor will help you stay on track for both taking your medication, and making sure you are always receiving the prescriptions that you need, exactly when you need them. Consider including a monthly reminder to call your doctor in your medication schedule, and always make note of the dates where you will need to arrange to receive a new prescription.
  • Whatever you do, be consistent. As the rule goes for success in most aspects of life, consistency is key. When you create the guiding tools for yourself to successfully manage your medication, quickly figure out what does or doesn’t work for you. Once you have an effective routine, stick to it, and you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the daily stress revolving around the question, “did I take my medicine today?”

The struggle of proper medication management is one that is universal for most adults living in a North Hill nursing home. This dilemma is definitely understood by the professional staff at The Haven Senior Community, where maintaining a happy and healthy life is always the top priority! Hopefully, these tips will help guide you to your own healthy life, which effective medication management plays a huge role in.

To learn more about Pittsburgh nursing homes or to schedule a tour of our North Hill personal care facility, The Haven, contact our friendly team today.

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