Tips To Prepare For Cooler Weather At Our Retirement Communities

Don’t let the cool weather scare you with these ways to stay warm this fall!


Once it gets chilly in the fall, it means it’s time to find ways to get comfy and cozy in the cooler weather! Our team has created a list of ways to help get your loved ones ready for the chilly fall air:

1. Go Through Old and Seasonal Clothes

Making sure that your loved one has the correct clothing for the temperatures outside will help them have a much more enjoyable fall! The best way to do this is to help them sort through seasonal clothes and make sure that what is in their closet is appropriate for the cold weather. While sorting through this seasonal wear, it is also a great time to check their existing layers to make sure that jackets and longer layers don’t have holes, things from last season still fit, and decide what they will need for their day to day use. It is also a good idea to make a list of any new items they need and take an overall inventory of the clothing items they have.

2. Pull Out Blankets and Adjust Bedding

We help ensure that our residents are as comfortable as possible at all times, but as we all know, people’s bodies handle temperatures differently. Some people tend to run hot while others can never seem to get warm! That is why our second recommendation is to pull any blankets out of storage and add any additional blankets or bedding to your loved ones sleeping arrangements. Our incredible staff will assist in any way we can, but if there is a favorite blanket in storage or not on the premises, now is the perfect time to make sure your loved ones have everything they need to stay cozy and comfortable all season long!

3. Stock Up On Indoor Activities

Our communities are beautiful all year long, but in the fall, we recognize it might get a little chilly for our residents to spend time outside. That is why we recommend pulling out any puzzles, books, board games, and cards to have them ready to go for the chilly afternoons. If your loved one has any favorite hobbies like knitting, sewing, crocheting, drawing, or painting, we also recommend making sure they have a good supply of materials to get them started for the season! Not sure what indoor activities your loved one will enjoy? Not to worry; our activity calendar is chock full of group activities they can join in all season long.

4. Decorate for the Season!

This one is a little bit more fun! We strongly encourage adding seasonal decor to you or your loved one’s living space to make it feel extra cozy during the cooler months. Since it is likely that your loved one will be spending more time indoors, making sure the space they occupy feels cozy is a nice extra touch to help them prepare for fall! We love fall themed blankets, pillows, and decorative items. If looking to keep costs low, try a DIY project with your loved one the next time you visit! Not only will this be a fun activity for you to do, but it will also help them get ready for fall.

We look forward to helping your loved one make the most of the fall season and stay comfortable while they do it! For more information, or to schedule a tour for our senior retirement communities, contact our friendly team today!

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