Easy Coastal California Decor Ideas From Park View Care Center

Decorating your home is easy on the California Coast!


The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure a bare, boring home environment for the remainder of winter! After the glamor and extravagance of the holidays, you might be craving a simpler look that evokes the airy feeling of warmer weather and California cool.

Here at Park View Estates Transitional Assisted Living & Memory Care, we love to help our residents and their loved ones celebrate meaningful moments and make every single one special. That is why we’ve compiled some ideas for easy coastal decor for you and your loved ones to explore!

Shell Accents

Bring the beach indoors! Collect shells on your beach walks, and add them to your decor. Try collecting them in a decorative vase or glass jar, or for a more unexpected homemade craft, add them to a lamp base! If you miss your holiday wreath, replace it with a year-round, coastal-inspired option covered in seashells. For those wanting to enjoy a beachy year-round wreath, we suggest checking out this beautiful DIY option. This would also make a wonderful project for you and your loved one to complete together.

California Greenery

One of the benefits of living in beautiful Southern California is the year-round warm weather and blooming plants. To brighten up your space, head to your favorite local farmer’s market, grocery store, or nursery to pick up some native greenery or blooming plants! Choose your loved one’s favorite colors, or choose a plant that symbolizes the wishes you have for them this year. Make sure you also review any care instructions for your new plant to keep it healthy and beautiful!

Add Some Macrame

Evoke a coastal feel with the organic look of macrame decor! Choose a wall hanging with classic driftwood and cream fisherman-style cord for a neutral California-inspired feel. Or if you and your loved one are feeling crafty, you can make your own! Try this Alternating Fishbone Pattern macrame project to create a one-of-a-kind decor piece you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Sand Art

Another fun and creative craft for you and your loved ones to decorate your spaces are sand art creations. Not only does it add a hint of a coastal feel to your loved one’s interior design, it is a great activity to bring friends and family together. Consider filling small bottle-shaped jewelry pieces with different shades of beach sand from the many California beaches. And for a decor piece, try filling clear bottles (ensure they have stoppers to keep the sand inside!) with colored sand to bring your loved one’s favorite colors to their room.

Whatever ways you want to bring the California coastal vibes in, we hope we have given you some new ideas you can enjoy for years to come! And don’t fret, all of us here at Park View Transitional Assisted Living & Memory Care are here to help! We love helping our residents make their spaces feel like home.

If you are interested in learning more about our memory care community in Fountain Valley, California, schedule a tour today!

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