Easy Daily Exercises For Seniors from Our Retirement Communities

Our Favorite Simple Moves to Keep You Active


There’s so many benefits to keeping physically active, especially as we age. Not only is physical fitness important for maintaining healthy muscles and bodies, but it can have a profound effect on one’s mental health as well. While injuries, limited mobility, or simply exhaustion can limit the amount of exercise we do, it is truly imperative that we make daily exercise a top priority.

At Sunshine Retirement Living, we provide excellent opportunities for our residents to stay physically active at any level of fitness. From walking clubs to beanbag baseball, Wii fitness, and so much more, our residents can enjoy the active, healthy lifestyles they need. However, we know sometimes you or your loved one wants to work out on their own. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite exercises to incorporate easy movement into your daily routine. Check out our list below!


First and foremost, we’d like to emphasize the importance of stretching! Not only is stretching wonderful for warming up your muscles and body before physical activity, but it’s also a great physical activity in and of itself. Leaning forward to touch your toes, gentle twists, carefully stretching out your shoulders are all ways to limber up the body and encourage engagement in your muscles. A classic workout, yoga is an excellent way to incorporate different stretches into your daily routine. You can check out some easy yoga-based stretches here!

Chair Squat

We all know how much a squat can really work out legs and knees, but did you know that it is entirely possible to modify the classic squat? For those of us who need a little extra balance protection, we recommend modifying the squat by placing a chair behind you and simply squatting until you feel your backside hit the chair. Keep your muscles engaged by not fully sitting, and moving back upwards to stand. Remember to keep your arms out to the front, straight and perpendicular to your torso.

Resistance Bands

Simple and effective, resistance bands offer a space-saving option for working your muscles. Using extremely taut bands of rubber, these bands can be used in a multitude of ways, offering a chance to complete a full body workout. We love these exercises from Silver Sneakers. If you have limited mobility or strength, you can also find simpler movements like stretching the band out in front of you as an excellent workout. Consider varying levels of resistance – typically the lighter the color, the less the resistance – when choosing your band.


A multi-sensory experience, dance is an excellent way for people of all ages, skills levels, and cognitive ability to move their bodies. Memory care patients, in particular, can benefit from dance, as it offers a chance to lean into what our bodies naturally want to do, can evoke core memories and emotions through the sound of music, and can even work as a cognitive exercise if you incorporate instructional dancing. While dancing is a great physical and cognitive exercise, we also love how much joy it can bring to people, making it a wonderful mood booster as well!

So stretch out, get your resistance bands out, your music on, or your chairs out, and start incorporating simple movement into your daily routine. Both your body and mind will thank you!

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