Engaging Activities For Your Lake Charles Memory Care Facility Visit

Engaging Activities For Your Lake Charles Memory Care Facility Visit


Making the most of your scheduled time with us

Your experiences during facility visits often drive your decisions when it comes to memory care. During your visit to Lake Charles memory care community The Verandah, we recommend you take full advantage and participate in a number of engaging activities to ensure you’re able to make a decision with all of the information available to you.

Based on our own residents’ experiences and input, here’s what we recommend you do while you’re here:

#1 – Visit with our current residents and their families

You’ll see them in the common areas and green spaces during your visit, so we encourage you to say hello and pull up a chair when you do. Our current residents can tell you more about living at The Verandah, and many of them moved here from other local communities and care to share those experiences with you, too. Ask them tough questions:

  • Do they recommend living here?
  • Is there anything they don’t like about it?
  • Is the monthly rent predictable? Do the staff honor their preferences and routines?

We’ve always said that our past and present residents are our best marketers. They’re always eager to share their experiences with us and others, driving us to become the best at what we do.

#2 – Have dinner on us

Whether prospective residents are interested in Assisted Living or our specialized Alzheimer’s and Memory Care programs, food is always an important factor. Assisted living folks are often seeking opportunities to cook less at home (while keeping the option open so they can cook when they choose to) without sacrificing the flavors they love. Memory care residents have an added interested in dining, as reduced appetite is common, and nutrition plays a key role in their cognitive health.

We can answer all of your questions about our specialized, gourmet menu options – following the recommendations of the MIND diet – but we’d also like you to experience it for yourself. Take advantage of a free meal during your site visit so you know exactly what to expect here as you make your decision.

#3 – Attend an event or activity

If you let our friendly staff know what you or your loved one enjoy doing most when you call to schedule your visit, we’ll be happy to choose a time that coincides with an activity or event that will pique their interest. Examples include Wheel of Fortune, fitness classes, video games, Zumba, and local outings.

Attending an activity or event while you’re here serves a number of purposes:

  • It can give you a real-life taste of the culture at The Verandah
  • It can help you meet people early on, easing anxiety about the transition
  • It can give you an idea of the activity offerings, level of participation, and fit for your lifestyle

We’ve also found that many residents express that while they’re looking for more adventure and social opportunities, they want the opportunity to choose which activities speak to them and whether they feel up to attending or not. Attending an activity gives prospective residents an opportunity to learn more about the other participants.

Friends and family members of residents in our Alzheimer’s and Memory Care programs often express worry that their loved one will be excluded from activities due to disruptive behaviors or decline in cognitive health. Many of those concerned have found that attending our specialized programming during their site visit quickly eased their worries.

To visit The Verandah Retirement Community in Lake Charles, call 337-508-0396 today. We can’t wait to meet you.

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