Enjoy Fine Foods At Our Retirement Community in Massachusetts

Delicious and Iconic Dishes Served in Restaurant-Style Dining

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Every state adopts state symbols that they are known for, like dishes, fruits, sports, and even animals. In Massachusetts, the cuisine is about combining comfort and seafood. Massachusetts gathers its fresh ingredients from the seaports and fishing industry and dairy products from inland. You can find all of these delicious ingredients at The Woods at Merrimack, our Boston-area Independent Senior Living community.

At our Massachusetts retirement community, our Executive Chef makes the most of our access to these nourishing ingredients to create delicious yet nutritious meals for our residents. Below are some of Massachusetts’ well-known dishes made with local ingredients that you might find at The Woods at Merrimack.

Fish and Chips

You will find various seafood staples across Massachusetts like oysters, lobster rolls, and fish and chips. However, cod is the state fish, therefore jumping the fish and chips dish to the top of the list as a must-have in Massachusetts. While this meal is typically famous in England, you can find comparable (and dare we suggest, even better?) fish and chips in the Boston area. Two places infamously known for their version of fish and chips are The Barking Crab and Matt Murphy’s Pub. And our senior residents can find the classic prepared fresh for them in our dining room!


In Massachusetts, we pronounce it “chow-dah.” But, no matter how you say it, you’ll be comforted by the warm hearty soup. In Massachusetts, fresh cream and typically local seafood are included for the best warm pick-me-up. Below is a list of chowder variations you can find around the state, but the most popular is the clam chowder. We recommend adding oyster crackers for an extra crunch, no matter which you choose.

  • Clam Chowder
  • Corn Chowder
  • Lobster Chowder
  • Fish Chowder

Our Chef and dining team prepare amazing fresh soups daily for our residents, so our seniors are never surprised so find a hearty bowl of chowder on the list.

Boston Cream Pie

We understand that a healthy diet means you shouldn’t over-indulge in sweets, but we believe in treating yourself every once in a while. And our dining team certainly knows how to make a delightful dessert to pair with our healthy meals! The Boston cream pie has been a staple dessert in our state since 1856 and is the ultimate combination of cake, custard and chocolate–the trifecta. Some of the earliest renditions of the pie included rum syrup over two rounds of sponge cake and topped with chocolate fondant. No matter the version, we can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Dine Your Way at our Senior Living Community Near Boston

Our senior residents at The Woods at Merrimack enjoy delicious meals their way at any time of day. Not only does our Chef prepare regionally inspired dishes, comforting soups, healthy salads, mouth-watering sides, and delicious desserts, but our dining room is open 24/7! No matter what time our senior residents are craving something delicious and distinctly New England, there is something waiting for them. They can enjoy everything restaurant-style, socializing with their neighbors in our comfortable dining area.

Are you interested in trying any of these dishes? Contact our friendly team today to schedule a tour, and you can have lunch or dinner with us in our community. Our team is happy to share more about our Boston area senior living community, The Woods at Merrimack, in Metheun, Massachusetts.

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