Enjoy Nutritious, Delicious All-Day Dining at Assisted Living in Texas

Satisfy your health–and your cravings–any time of day


We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” and while it may not be literal (we’ve never seen someone transform into a potato chip!), the way we eat contributes heavily to our overall health, especially with age. While we want seniors to be able to indulge in their favorite comfort foods, we also know that it’s never too late to make healthy changes. And you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or satisfaction!

At our Pharr, TX Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, we provide delicious, healthy meals 24/7 with our residents’ health (and taste buds!) in mind. Your loved one will not only enjoy three satisfying meals a day, but they’ll receive tons of health benefits, too! Read on to learn how:

The Value of Nutrition for Seniors

At our Rio Grande retirement community, we offer assisted living, transitional assisted living, and memory care for our senior residents. And our care philosophy is based on a holistic approach. We support our residents, spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and yes, with our fantastic dining experience!

Because we believe that both good nutrition and enjoying food nurture a healthy lifestyle for seniors, we strive to offer meals that are delicious and promote health. Studies have shown that proper nutrition can improve or even prevent many conditions or diseases, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. And even if your loved one is blessed enough to not have any of those conditions, a healthy diet can support healthy body composition and weight, muscle maintenance, energy, mental clarity, and even sleep.

A Healthy Diet Specifically for Memory Care

Because our retirement community in Texas specifically caters to residents experiencing memory challenges, it’s only natural that our dining program supports the mind, too. Residents enjoy meals made with ingredients included in the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, a research-backed set of nutrition guidelines that has been proven to support memory. These foods include lean proteins, healthy fats, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. The MIND diet also recommends limiting some foods to a few times a week, including red meat, cheeses, sweets and pastries, and fried or fast foods. Our goal is that the MIND diet, along with our memory care programs, will help support our residents’ memory and hold off further memory issues for as long as possible.

Enjoy the Dining Service of a Lifetime

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, at our Pharr memory care community, we believe that every meal can feel like a luxury dining experience! Our Executive Chef prepares delicious, healthy, gourmet-quality meals that include both nutritious ingredients from the MIND diet as well as allowing residents to occasionally indulge in their classic favorites. Our residents can enjoy them on their schedule with our 24/7 dining experience. They can connect with their neighbors in our restaurant-style dining rooms; there is nothing like enjoying conversation and socializing over a good hearty meal or a snack!

For our memory care residents, entrees are served on colorful dinner plates to stimulate appetite, and a server greets each guest with multiple daily menu options. And because we know that every resident has their own needs, our chef is happy to accommodate special dietary requests.

At The Gardens at Brook Ridge, we combine healthy ingredients, delicious flavor, and a luxury experience into one amazing dining program. We’re so confident that you and your loved one will love it, in fact, that we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner to see for yourself!

To learn more about residency or schedule a tour of The Gardens at Brook Ridge, contact our friendly team today.

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