Best Fall Tips from our Senior Retirement Communities

Enjoy the last weeks of warmth with these fool-proof ideas!


The end of warm weather is approaching fast, and that means that it is time to enjoy every last moment outdoors and enjoy the sun that you can! We love helping our residents get outside and enjoy the sunshine! On the days when the weather isn’t cooperating to spend time outside, we strive to give our residents a great experience indoors. Our team has come up with 4 easy ways to enjoy the final days of warm weather! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Cool Off With A Frozen Treat With Friends!

Soon, it will be too chilly to enjoy a cold sweet treat. So enjoy them while we can! What better way for your loved ones to celebrate a warm afternoon than with a popsicle or ice cream and their friends! When the days begin to get shorter, it is actually the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy a yummy dessert. In this transitional time between summer and fall the days cool off earlier, making it pleasant in the late afternoon. We recommend grabbing a few fellow residents, your favorite form of ice cream, and heading outside to enjoy the setting sun!

2. Bring Breakfast Outside

If you or your loved one is more of an early riser, we’ve got you covered. We often recommend getting outside early in the day during the warm weather to beat the heat. And though the super-hot days have come to a close, warmer weather can still surprise us well into autumn. That is why we suggest your loved ones take their breakfast outside to enjoy a nice morning. As fall approaches fast, we encourage our residents to make the most of the warm weather that remains and that means getting outside! We hope you or your loved ones will grab a delicious breakfast and enjoy it outdoors.

3. Enjoy The Garden Before The First Frost

One of our favorite parts about retirement communities is the garden. We have weekly opportunities for our residents to get out and garden, and we strongly encourage them to take full advantage of this while weather still allows! This is one of our favorite ways to enjoy a warm afternoon, and is not only great for cognition, but also happiness. Now is the perfect time to harvest any seasonal produce that may have grown, or just enjoy the changing foliage. Whatever you or your loved one chooses, this is a great way to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather!

4. Have Fun With Outdoor Games

A great way to get active is to enjoy outdoor games! As the days start to cool off, it is easier to enjoy outdoor physical activity. While we know it is still pretty warm outside, soon our residents won’t be able to take advantage of games like corn hole, horseshoe toss, ball toss, or various other outdoor activities. That is why our last suggestion of ways to enjoy the weather is to get outside with friends or fellow residents and take advantage of fun physical activity!

No matter what you or your loved one chooses, our top priority is providing our residents with fun and safe activities that help them enjoy every season.

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