Home Decor Safety Tips for Our Ohio Assisted Living Communities

Ensuring Safe, but Vibrant Living in Our Community

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At Central Parke Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living in Ohio, we love how our residents’ friends and family make their loved one’s space feel just like home. While we love the joy, nostalgia, and warmth that these custom items bring, safety remains our top priority. Here are some key tips from our retirement communities in Ohio to ensure that your loved one’s space is not only beautiful but also safe for everyone in our community.

Choose the Right Decor

Selecting decor that is both beautiful and safe is crucial in our community. Remember, beauty doesn’t have to be compromised for safety! Opt for non-flammable and non-toxic materials to reduce fire risks. When bringing in custom lighting, consider using LED lights, which are cooler and less prone to overheating than traditional bulbs. This is particularly important in a community setting like ours, where safety is paramount. Also be mindful of the size and design of decorations to prevent potential choking hazards, especially when younger family members visit. Safety doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics, it’s about smart, conscious choices that enhance the ambiance.

Practice Safe Installation

Ensure that all decor is securely fastened and out of the way of walkways to prevent tripping hazards. When hanging lights or picture frames it’s important to use sturdy ladders and have someone assist you. If bringing in a special rug, be sure that it will not create a tripping hazard before bringing it in. Additionally, while we all love gadgets, plug-in decor, and electronics, avoid overloading electrical outlets, as this can be a fire hazard.

Decorate Mindfully in Shared Spaces

In shared spaces, decor should not only be safe but also considerate of all residents. If decorating a portion of your loved one’s space that might be visible to other residents, avoid overly loud or flashing decorations that might be disorienting. We also encourage decorations that stimulate positive memories and conversations, enhancing the overall well-being of our residents and fostering a sense of belonging and joy among residents.

Make Smart Swaps

While everyone loves the glow of candlelight, traditional candles are not the safest items to have in any home. If your loved one enjoys the peaceful glow of candlelight, decorate with flameless, battery operated candles. If your loved one finds themselves chilly at night, it can be tempting to buy them a heated blanket, but these are notorious fire hazards. Instead, consider purchasing a hot water bottle to heat their bed. And while water features can be a zen experience for many of our residents, between the combination of water and electricity and the potential for spills, they can be a bit of a hazard as well. Consider swapping them out for a sound machine if the sound of water eases your loved one’s mind, or a small zen sand and rock garden if touch and shape-making is the sensory aspect your loved one enjoys.

Additionally, Central Parke Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living is not just about providing a safe environment; it’s about creating a space where your loved one can thrive. We cherish the opportunity to decorate in ways that bring out our residents’ personalities. In the spirit of safety, we place a high priority on safety. This includes regular checks on fire alarms and extinguishers, extension cords, clear emergency exits, and safe practices around heating sources. Our staff is trained in fire safety, ensuring a quick response in case of any emergency, giving residents and their families peace of mind.

For more information or to schedule a tour of Central Parke memory care community, contact our friendly team today!

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