Explore Your Creativity this Summer at 55+ Communities in Colorado

Arts and Crafts that Bring a Bit of the Season to Your Home


Indoor or outdoor, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon working on a creative project. From wreath making to creating a birdhouse, from indoor herb gardens to suncatchers, there are so many ways to unleash your creative side. We encourage you to pick some (or all) of these and let your inner artist shine!

We at Belleview Heights Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living have created a list of our favorite crafts to try this season. We suggest making it a special afternoon with your loved one and spending a couple of hours working on a project they can enjoy for the many days to come!


We love a craft that involves a one day project that can be enjoyed for years to come, and a birdhouse is just that craft! From the construction of a simple structure, with a tutorial here, to picking out the perfect paint colors for the house, to deciding what fancy designs you can include, we think a birdhouse makes for a really fun and collaborative project to create with your loved one. The best part is that once the paint and glue dry, you and your loved one can find a special place outside to hang the birdhouse, so you can enjoy watching the flutter of activity when a little bird family moves in!

Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

Beautiful, colorful, and loads of silly fun to create, a tissue paper flower wreath brightens up any door. The best part? These flowers will never wilt. We love how easy it is to create these projects with some colorful crepe and tissue papers, rolling techniques, and even a little ribbon! If you or your loved one is a lover of sparkle, there are some really cool tissue papers out there with specks and streaks of glitter. Or even make your own by spraying a little glue on the flowers you choose and sprinkling some craft glitter right on top.


Truly nothing prettier exists in the world than rainbows. By crafting a suncatcher, you can experience a little rainbow or prism in your own home on any sunny day. Simply made with mason jar lids, a page from a coloring book, and a dab of oil, a suncatcher can cast beautiful rays of color all over you and your loved ones home. Check out the tutorial linked above!

Herb Gardens

There’s something really special about growing your own food. While it may not be possible to have a full vegetable garden in your loved one’s room or apartment, we love growing herbs to add to our meals. From making homemade pesto from home-grown basil, to crafting small lavender sachets to add to our sock drawers from the bunch of lavender we grew from seed, we recommend creating your own herb garden to enjoy.

Work with your loved one to pick out their favorite herbs – whether based on fragrance alone or for adding to meals – and spend a morning with a couple of small pots and a bag of dirt and start watering and nurturing. There is a great beginner’s guide to herb growing here!

We hope you try out some of these amazing arts and crafts this summer, and decorate our community with your treasures.

In case you’re interested in learning more about our Aurora memory care home, give our friendly team a call! We’re happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a tour of our wonderful community.

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