Fall Fashion Ideas for Our Senior Living Community in Orange County

Get ready to experiment with trendy style choices this season!


As the weather cools and we add more layers to our outfits, it can seem impossible to look stylish. If your loved one has trouble expressing themselves confidently through clothing, it can seem intimidating to know where to even start! Here at Park View Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care we want our residents to feel amazing in everything they wear. Take a look at these fall fashion ideas and get ready to experiment with some new style choices!

Matching Knit Sets

Knitted tops like sweaters and cardigans soar in popularity in the cooler weather months, and it’s for a good reason. A nice knit sweater looks extremely put together and fashionable without sacrificing comfort. Knit sets, or matching tops and bottoms, are a great choice for your loved one this season. Different colors and textures can make all the difference in helping them feel confident when wearing this outfit. A good rule of thumb is to add some jewelry or a pretty purse, as this outfit can easily look like pajamas if you’re not careful! With this style choice, you get the both of both worlds: next-level comfort and amazing style points.

Denim Midi Skirts

Denim skirts have come and gone multiple times in the fashion world, and they’re back again for fall! Midi length skirts, or skirts hitting at about the mid-calf area, are a flattering choice for many body types. The denim itself is versatile–with options like black, white, light wash, dark wash, and even patterned denim available. Similarly, the way you pair this skirt provides seemingly endless options. You can wear a flowy blouse with it to dress it up, or a simple tee or cardigan to make it more casual. For footwear, pointed flats give the outfit a chic look, whereas a slouchy boot is more boho style. As you can see, you have tons of avenues to pursue when you try out this fall trend! If your loved one enjoys wearing skirts, consider encouraging them to try a denim midi skirt this season.

Stick to Simple and Monochromatic

Our last fall fashion tip for your loved one to try is less about specific types of pieces and more about the overall approach to the wardrobe. Stick to simple and mostly monochromatic hues for a classically sophisticated look. The trend this season is not about matching exact colors, but about pairing colors in the same palette, specifically brown tones. For example, encourage your loved one to pair a beige top with camel-colored pants. It can feel strange to wear clothing that seems on the verge between matching and clashing, but it’s all about the confidence you exude while you’re wearing it!

Autumn is a time that fashion trends seem to start over completely from scratch, and it can be daunting to try to keep up. Here at Park View Estates, we know the joy and liveliness that can come from wearing an outfit that makes you look amazing. We gave you a list of fashion trends to choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment! We hope these suggestions gave you some inspiration for encouraging your loved one to step into their most stylish, expressive self.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of our amazing Park View Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care community, we’d be happy to give you more information or set up a tour!

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