Fall is a Perfect Time to Move to a Bartlett Assisted Living Community

Make Your Autumn Move Hassle-Free With These Tips

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Have you decided that it is time to move your loved one into an assisted living community? Are you worried about the change in weather this fall making it more difficult for you to move? Moving can be daunting for some of us, especially if we have lived in our homes for a very long time and have accumulated a lot of things through the years. Also, for some, moving could also mean downsizing, and the thought of having to part with things could be a little upsetting.

Lucky for you, Quail Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Bartlett, Tennessee has several tips to help make moving a breeze. The community also offers an Easy-Move program that will make your move a seamless process. If you are planning your loved one’s move before the heavy winter weather hits, these tips will help:

Take Your Time

As you’re planning to move, remember that this process is a marathon and not a sprint. There are still a few months before the really cold weather sinks in, so that is plenty of time to properly pack up your loved one’s things and take the time to reminisce on those sweet memories as they arise. Taking your time can also help your loved one process their emotions through the process since moving can sometimes bring up lots of emotions. By carefully and thoughtfully packing up the essentials and giving your loved one as much time as they need, you can have a much easier experience. Patience is key!

Purge Things as You Go

It is no secret that living in one home for many years causes us to accumulate way more material items than we think. Some folks have lived their entire lives in one home! If this is you or your loved one, it might seem daunting to start packing everything up. The experts at Quail Ridge recommend that you purge things as you go to help decrease the number of things you actually have to pack.
Purging might include giving away heirloom dinnerware sets that you no longer use, donating clothing that you no longer wear or find comfortable, or selling outdoor equipment since mowing the yard will no longer be your loved one’s responsibility at Quail Ridge.

Enlist Friends and Family for Help

Moving is no easy task and it definitely should not be tackled alone! If you are planning a move this fall, you can lessen the load by enlisting your friends and family for help with packing and moving those heavy boxes. Safety is our utmost priority, so if something seems too heavy to be lifted, make sure you ask for help!

If anyone offers to help you move, be sure to give them specific tasks rather than just assume they know what you need from them. This way, you can check off everything that needs to be completed and everyone knows what still needs to get done.

Use Quail Ridge’s Easy Move Program

If you’d rather not worry about a thing, we have you covered! Instead of packing and moving or enlisting family and friends to help, Quail Ridge has partnered with North American Moving Services to take care of everything for you. With our Easy-Move Program, you won’t have to worry about packing boxes, renting a truck, or organizing your schedule on moving day. Dedicated and caring staff are available today to assist you and your loved one in all matters related to moving, with connections to trusted partners in fields such as financial planning, real estate, veteran assistance, moving professionals, and more.

Moving to our luxury community has several benefits for you and your loved one, and we cannot wait to welcome you home!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Quail Ridge, contact our friendly team today.