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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Retirement Community


Deciding to move your loved one into a Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community isn’t easy. Heritage Point in Mishawaka, near South Bend, Indiana, is here to support you in this decision by ensuring you have everything you need to know. Our care combines Person-centered care with our Life Enrichment Program pillars that embrace the Sunshine six pillars of wellness to provide mental, physical, and spiritual support. Keep reading for more important factors when looking for retirement communities for your loved one!

Determine the level of care needed

We understand that it can be a challenging and emotional time to decide to move a loved one into a retirement community. The first step you should consider in this process is the needed level of care. We suggest consulting your loved one’s primary care doctor to see if a Memory Care and Transitional Assisted living community is the best option for them and their needs. The difference between traditional nursing homes and Heritage Point is that we are specially equipped with the staff, programs, and care needed for those starting to experience memory challenges, all provided in a resort-style environment.

Decide on a price point

Bringing your loved one to a community like Heritage Point is not only an emotional investment but a financial one. With this in mind, we often hold seasonal specials on rent for incoming residents, so always keep an eye on our Heritage Point website for when you’re ready to make your decision.. The monthly rent at Heritage Point also includes luxury amenities like our Hope Blooms enrichment program, weekly physical and mental community activities, chefs that prepare memory supporting meals based on the MIND Diet, personal care services, and more!

Ask the right questions when touring/inquiring

When you’re in the process of touring communities, there can be a lot of information all at once. So prepare yourself ahead of time with a list of questions that are important to you and your loved one. Here are some examples below:

  • Is there a hospital nearby?
  • What are the safety protocols?
  • What activities are in the area?

Read reviews

Reading reviews is a great way to learn more about a community from the family and community members themselves. You can easily find glowing reviews of our top rated memory care and assisted living community, Heritage Point.

Schedule a tour

The most important step, touring! There’s no better way to get to know everything about a retirement community for your loved one than to see it for yourselves. Scheduling a tour at Heritage Point near South Bend is easy, and we would love to have you for the day! Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our residency or schedule a Heritage Point retirement community tour. We can’t wait to see you!

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