Flower Planting for Self Care from Our Memory Care communities

How Gardening Benefits Your Loved Ones


At our each of our Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Communities, we have a robust line of Life Enrichment Programs which provide a customized approach to care provided by Sunshine Retirement Living professional caregivers and include several types of beneficial therapies such as Pet Therapy, Music Therapy, Life Skills Stations, and Sensory Spas.

We believe in nurturing the soul along with the mind in our retirement communities. The therapeutic qualities of nature have long been recognized, and flower planting stands out as a sensory activity with mood boosting benefits. Not only does it serve as a beautiful pastime for your loved ones, but it also holds profound benefits for emotional and cognitive well-being. So many of our residents love to garden, and we thought we’d share some of the excellent benefits they reap from planting beautiful flowers–and yes, that pun was intended!

The Sensory Benefits

Tending to flowers engages multiple senses. The vibrant colors are a visual treat, while the texture of the soil and petals offer tactile stimulation. And who can overlook the delightful fragrances? We love how scent can unlock memories and warm feelings. For those with strong hearing, flowers can even provide sensory sounds, through the rustle in the wind or the friction of the soil while digging into it. For individuals in memory care, such multi-sensory experiences can evoke positive emotions, memories, and feelings of accomplishment.

Boosting Physical Health

Gardening, even at a simple level, encourages physical movement. Whether it’s watering the plants, potting, or just a gentle touch, these actions enhance fine motor skills and promote better circulation. Moreover, spending time outdoors ensures a healthy dose of vitamin D, essential for bone health and mood regulation. For those who garden regularly and use tools like edgers, wheelbarrows, and rakes, there is a cardiovascular and weightlifting benefit as well!

Cultivating Mindfulness and Peace

Flower planting is a mindful activity, pulling one’s focus to the present moment. The act of nurturing a plant, watching it grow and flourish, offers solace and a unique sense of purpose. It can act as a form of meditation, providing a respite from anxiety or overstimulation, making it an accessible and therapeutic hobby for individuals of all abilities.

Strengthening Social Bonds

Gardening can be a communal activity. Residents can share tips, exchange plants, or simply enjoy the beauty of the garden together. Such interactions foster social bonds, reducing feelings of isolation. They also provide opportunities for shared memories and stories, enhancing communal ties in the memory care community. Another benefit, though an often overlooked one, is that planting flowers and creating a communal space they are proud of, offers a space for our residents to gather in, even when not digging in the dirt!

Flower planting is more than just a hobby; it’s a journey of connection, growth, and self-care. In our memory care and transitional assisted living communities, we are committed to offering activities that resonate deeply with the needs and passions of your loved ones.

For more information or to schedule a tour with one of our numerous memory care and transitional assisted living retirement communities, contact our friendly team today. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, and give you a sense of what it is like to have you or your loved one join our outstanding communities.

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