Flu Prevention Tips from Our Columbus, OH Transitional Assisted Living

Simple tips to keep you healthy this flu season!


Flu season is here, and with fun events, holidays, and delicious treats, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important pieces of the fall and winter puzzle–flu season. Flu prevention may not be top of everyone’s mind, but some simple steps integrated into your daily routine can make a huge difference when it comes to staying healthy and avoiding serious fallout from the flu.

At Central Parke Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, one of the best Ohio retirement communities, we take flu prevention seriously. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips we think are most effective in flu prevention.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

One the simplest ways to rid a space of flu causing germs is to frequently wipe down hard surfaces. This can be with a simple soap and water or water and vinegar solution for a basic clean multiple times a day, or with stronger EPA-recommended products for a true sanitizing or disinfecting. We recommend the former at least once a day, as hard surfaces make for an easy vehicle for flu-spread. For product recommendations, the New York Times offers this handy guide.

Wash Your Hands

Paired with wiping down surfaces, one of the best ways to prevent spreading the flu virus from person to person is with proper hand washing. Think about all of the hard surfaces you touch throughout the day and how many times you touch your face, food, beverages, and other items that easily transmit the virus into your body. It really adds up! Washing your hands is an easy way to limit the amount of germs on your hands, but only if done properly. This includes using hot soapy water, washing for at least twenty seconds, and using sanitary dry-off methods.

Fortunately, if you need to brush up on your hand washing skills, the CDC released a very helpful article and graphic with the best process. Check out the official instructions and the handy infographic!

Get Your Flu Vaccine

Boasting efficacy rates of 40% – 60% in simply preventing the flu, the flu vaccine is such an important part of your flu-preparedness routine. Not only is it a great way to avoid the flu, the vaccine also does an excellent in preventing severe illness should a breakthrough case happen. It also reduces the transmission risk from you to another person, especially more vulnerable populations like pregnant people, those under the age of 6, and even those in our memory care center! Overall, the flu vaccine should be one of the most important lines of defense you take this fall. For those hesitant to receive the flu vaccine, you can read more about the benefits of the vaccine to help ease your mind!

Stay Home

While we love to see family and friends during the winter months especially, we all know that the best line of defense against spreading viruses and illness is to stay home! If you’re feeling sick, there’s no reason to leave the confines of your cozy home. Rest up, feel better, and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC, which say to stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone – without the help of fever reduction aids.

With a little planning, flu prevention is easy. While never perfect, these tips can reduce your risk of catching it as well as transmitting it to loved ones. At Central Parke Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, we care about both our own community and those surrounding us and truly hope you use some of these tips!

If you are interested in knowing more about our fantastic memory care and transitional assisted living community, or perhaps taking a tour, contact us today!

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