Fun Activities To Keep You Warm This Fall At Senior Living In PA

Pennsylvania can get chilly in the fall, but you don’t have to!


Here at Whitetail Springs Memory Care community, we know that colder temperatures outside mean that our residents will be looking for more to do inside during the fall and winter months. That is why we love coming up with fun, creative, and stimulating ways to keep your loved one having fun while the seasons change. We have created a list of our favorite indoor activities for the fall that the whole family can join in on when coming to visit!

Board Games

You’ll never get bored with board games! There is a reason board games have been a popular staple in homes for years. It is because they are honestly a lot of fun! There is nothing better to get a room full of people going than a little friendly competition, which is why board games are at the very top of our list for indoor fall activities. Not only are they entertaining, but large groups can participate, making it a great social activity as well. Some of our personal favorites are:

  • Monopoly
  • Clue
  • Pictionary
  • Codenames


Another classic activity that is great for the mind and keeps you entertained for hours. Puzzles are a fun, stimulating, activity that can also include friends and family! Grab a puzzle with more pieces and a few friends and try to tackle it in a day. Looking for a solo activity? Puzzles are also a great way to spend some time alone in peace and quiet. Although this is not the most cutting-edge activity out there, there is a reason that the classics are the classics!


This is one that will get your loved one’s body temperature up and help their overall health. The best part about Whitetail Springs is that it is one of the best retirement communities in PA! That means our residencies include activity calendars that accommodate our residents for each season, including ample opportunities for indoor exercise classes when the weather cools down! From chair yoga to dance fitness classes, our residents have no shortage of possibilities to get their bodies moving and their core temperature up to help keep them warm this fall.

Indoor gardening

Who says that you have to stop growing when winter comes? Gardening can be done year round with access to a window or two and a few indoor pots. Setting up a small herb garden is quick and easy and a great daily task for your loved one to get in the habit of doing! Studies show that gardening has a huge positive impact on mental health, which is so important, especially in the cooler months. A seed kit like this is a great way to get produce started indoors, which can easily be transferred to larger pots to continue indoor growth, or outdoors when the weather warms back up. Other options for indoor plants that are lower maintenance induce:

  • Succulents
  • Spider Plants
  • Snake Plants
  • Air Plants

However you and your loved ones choose to spend the cooler months, rest assured that our amazing staff here at Whitetail Springs will make sure that our residents have everything they need to stay warm and have their best fall experience yet.

For more information about Whitetail Springs, one of the best personal care homes in PA, or to schedule a tour, contact our friendly team today!

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