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Amp up your next game night with tips from Heritage Point!


When the weather gets a little chillier and the days shorter, it can be really easy to slip into a routine full of responsibility with very little time for fun – especially as a caregiver for a loved one with memory care needs. At Heritage Point Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living in Mishawaka, IN, we love to encourage our friends at home who are caregivers to take a little time for fun. After all, avoiding caregiver burnout by prioritizing your own wellness makes you an even better support for your loved one.

What better way to bring together friends and family to decompress than with a fun game night? From our community to you, here are some of our top game night tips and ideas for planning your next game night:

Set the Tone

It can be really tempting to just go all out, bring out every game you have, and encourage people to dive right in. However, with different personalities and varying interests of your guests, it’s important to know what kind of games would work best for the attendees. For a rowdy bunch, consider highly competitive and active games like charades, a trivia night, or even a scavenger hunt! For those who like a slightly quieter evening, we love offering card games, two-person games like chess or checkers, or word games like Boggle or Scattergories.

Quiet Play

For those who prefer to decompress with solo games or non-competitive games, consider setting up a peaceful corner with a puzzle or two to stimulate the mind, but offer a quieter environment. As an added bonus, puzzles, word games, or number games can help stimulate cognitive function. Depending on the game, this would also be the perfect opportunity for your loved one to join in the fun! We should know; at Heritage Point, we offer plenty of opportunities for our residents to socialize and strengthen their cognition in an environment that is stimulating but not overwhelming.

Board Games

For your own classic game night, we love picking 3-4 games to bring out and allow the group to pick from. Monopoly, The Game of Life, Operation, Sorry, and Trouble are still huge hits, but we suggest sprinkling in some less common ones. Think outside the box and add in a couple of newer options that everyone can learn together. Games like Really Loud Librarians, Exploding Kittens, Ticket To Ride, and Quixx can be a great way to add a little spice to the night!

Group Games

When you have a huge crew, crowding around a board game can be a little tough. And while setting up small areas around the room for one on one games is fun, sometimes a group game is exactly what is needed. Great games for this kind of event include the Heads Up app, Scattergories, charades, Exploding Kittens, Taboo, and Telestrations.

Fuel Up Right!

For a game night, a sit-down dinner just doesn’t work, and there’s only so much chips and salsa that one can take. Take a cue from our expert dining team (who always have something delicious for our residents to snack on with our 24/7 dining program!) and combine nutrition with flavor to keep everyone fueled up for the evening.

Set up a smorgasbord of snacks for your guests with a bit of variety. A cheese board with plenty of bite-sized fruit, nuts, and spreads can be a great way to snack and play at the same time. Finger sandwiches, boneless chicken wings, veggies with hummus, and even mini pizzas are an easy solution to feed hungry guests!

When it comes to planning your next game night, we hope these game night tips and ideas offer you and your guests a fantastic experience. From snacks to types of games, to accommodating a variety of personalities, we think with a little thoughtful planning your next game night will be a wild success, and a welcome joy-filled adventure.

If you are interested in learning more, please schedule a tour for Heritage Point memory care & transitional assisted living community in Mishawaka, Indiana today.

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