Fun New Hobbies to Try from Our Independent Living Communities

Try your hand at a new hobby this season!


While the new year is a popular time to set resolutions and big goals, every day is a new opportunity to explore fun hobbies! Within our multiple Independent Living Retirement Communities across the country, we have an assigned Life Enrichment Director whose job is to provide ongoing possibilities for our residents to discover new activities that pique their interests. If you want to branch out and get a new lease on life, engaging in a new hobby is a great way to do that. We’ve put together a list of a few fun ideas to give you some inspiration!

Cooking and Baking

The benefits of learning to cook and bake are endless, so we recommend giving it a shot! As you start to cook your own food, you gain a new appreciation for what goes into preparing a meal, as well as full control over what you’re eating on a daily basis. Cooking and baking also helps you express yourself creatively as you develop your own dishes, experiment with cuisines, and make tweaks to favorite recipes. While cooking can help you learn to nourish your body and keep it healthy, learning to bake tasty treats gives you a great opportunity to spoil loved ones or surprise someone in need with a pick-me-up!

Make Greeting Cards for Friends and Family

If you enjoy artistic hobbies, learning to make your own cards and stationery is a great option! A card for a special occasion shows you care, but handmade cards will truly be cherished. While your loved ones will appreciate a card from the store, you can go the extra mile by creating the card with a heartfelt and handwritten message inside. From the myriad celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries, this is a meaningful hobby you can share with friends and family all year long!


A picture is really worth a thousand words, and learning photography lets you capture beautiful moments in time. As we age, photographs of people, places, and things we love become incredibly important to help us remember them. Whether you prefer to photograph vibrant blossoming flowers, people, animals, or anything else, this hobby can teach you to be curious and observant about the world as you start noticing all the beauty that surrounds you. Preserving memories and meaningful experiences is a skill that can enhance your life greatly!

Reignite Your Love of Learning

Our final suggestion for a new and exciting hobby to pursue is advancing your education and learning. As we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge and experience we’ve brought into our golden years, it may be tempting to sit back and relax. However, exploring new educational opportunities can enrich your life in ways you didn’t know were possible! We live in a wonderful time where you can easily find an online course or class on nearly anything you wish to learn, from computers to learning a language, to woodworking or perfecting a musical instrument, or even revisiting old academic classes like math and science. If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to strengthen but haven’t had the time, enrolling in one of these courses is a great opportunity to find fulfillment.

At each of our Independent Living Retirement Communities, we know our residents’ lives are enriched by meaningful hobbies. Participating in hobbies you love helps bring a sense of achievement and confidence and even improves mental health. We hope these ideas for some hobbies to pursue will get you thinking!

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