Fun Summer Outdoor Sports for our Retirement Communities in California

Break a sweat trying a fun new outdoor sport this summer!


In a state as sunny as California, there’s no chance you want to stay indoors this summer. There’s a list a mile long of fun outdoor activities that would appeal to any personality type. Among our seven California Senior Retirement Living Communities, we know that playing sports is a great way to hone your loved one’s skills, work on teamwork, and bring out their competitive side in a fun way. Are you or your loved one looking to try out a new outdoor sport this summer? Keep reading to find your newest favorite outdoor activity!


Swimming may seem like just a fun hobby at first, but it can quickly become a very physically active experience. Swimming is a great option for minimizing impact on the joints. Some benefits of swimming include increased flexibility, strength, and endurance, which are all vital as you age. While swimming can really get your heart rate up, it creates a lot less stress on the body than a traditional sport since you’re suspended in water. What’s even better is that the risk of injury, which is unfortunately a pretty common occurrence with some sports, drastically decreases once you take up swimming as your sport of choice! As far as locations for swimming, we are lucky to have so many beaches surrounding us, but you might feel most comfortable finding a pool at your local recreational center. You can even join a swimming class to really solidify your skills!

Beach Volleyball

With the plethora of gorgeous beaches in California, the suggestion of beach volleyball had to make it onto this list of sports! Beach volleyball can include an intimate gathering with just a few people and a small net, or can be a fully competitive event. Some benefits of playing beach volleyball include improved hand-eye coordination, increased strength, and improvement in endurance. Beach volleyball tends to have an easy-going and casual connotation to it as well, which makes it a great choice if you or your loved one is not very competitive. This is an easy sport to try out this summer because you only need a few pieces of equipment to get started! So grab some sunscreen and your favorite music, and have a ball!

Light Outdoor Exercise

If you’re still not sure which outdoor sport would be best to try out this summer, how about trying your hand at several? Light outdoor exercise comes in many forms. Sometimes, you don’t know what you love until you try it! Consider yoga if you want to feel more relaxed, calm and flexible. Perhaps give gardening a try if you have a green thumb and want to create your own colorful display of beautiful flowers. Take up daily walks during the summer to get your blood pumping, while simultaneously keeping a healthy heart and mind. It can be a lot of fun to not be tied to just one sport, but to give yourself a chance to explore a lot of different ones. Light outdoor exercise this summer can benefit you in more ways than you can count!

At each of our California Retirement Communities, we know that discovering and exploring new ways of getting active means more cherished memories for you or your loved one. Be willing to give some new sports a try–you may be surprised at your skills! We hope these tips for outdoor sports you can try this summer get you excited to get outside!

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