Fun Winter Activities to do This Season at Retirement Communities in Ohio

Winter is upon us in Ohio!


The Midwest in the early winter is unlike any other. Evergreen trees, holiday decorations, and crisp air are just some of the things we love and appreciate at our various Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living communities in the Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio areas. Before it gets too chilly to spend time outside, we highly encourage our residents and their families to take advantage of this beautiful season! Keep reading for some fun early winter activities to do this season at our retirement communities in Ohio.

Get in touch with nature

Before we head deep into the winter months, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the fresh air while it’s still tolerable! Get in touch with nature by visiting a local park for a nice walk, family picnic, or people watching. Here are some parks in the Cleveland and Columbus areas we suggest checking out:

  • Topiary Park in Columbus: This park has gorgeous gardens and ponds, making it a great spot to get situated on the provided benches with a good book or a picnic. If you’re lucky, you can even occasionally find musicians playing in Topiary Park as well!
  • Edgewater Park in Cleveland: Edgewater Park is a gorgeous park that comes right up to Lake Erie! This park has great picnic tables, restrooms, and trails. With the lake access, you can even enjoy boating, sailing, and fishing when the warmer months return. Take in the beautiful lakeside views at this local favorite, and keep it in mind for next year during the summer months as well!

Take your favorite activities outside (before it gets too cold!)

At our Sunshine Retirement Living communities, we offer luxury amenities to keep our residents stimulated and entertained. If your loved one has a favorite hobby that they typically partake in indoors, bring it outside so they can enjoy a little fresh air! Reading, chess, knitting, and journaling are all great hobbies that can be enjoyed outside throughout our community common areas. And if it gets a little chilly, they can always come indoors to enjoy our comfortable (and warm!) indoor common areas.

Get Crafty!

When the weather becomes too cold to enjoy the outdoors, there’s nothing like a creative crafting session to pass the time. Grab some faux greenery to create a holiday wreath or garland that can last you for holiday seasons in years to come. Or if you enjoy knitting or crochet, your friends and family are sure to appreciate a handmade gift that will keep them warm all season long! Socks, mittens, and hats are always much-appreciated during the bitter cold days of winter.

Enjoy a Comforting Meal Together

There is nothing like food to bring people together! And whether you’re enjoying it with family, friends, or neighbors, a warm and comforting meal is sure to keep everyone cozy this winter. Our talented chefs prepare delicious, nutritious meals that will keep you full and satisfied all season long–whenever you’re hungry with our 24/7 dining program! And if you’re craving your favorite local restaurant or secret family recipe, why not invite your friends into our community to enjoy it together?

Winter is always filled with so much beauty and fun! We can’t wait to see what our residents at our Sunshine Retirement Living Communities in Ohio get into this year!

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