Health Tips For Seniors From a Pittsburgh Memory Care Community

How To Have a Happy And Healthy Summer

Perfect Tips For Seniors For A Healthy Summer

Let’s discuss how seniors can have a healthy summer, with some tips from a Pittsburgh retirement community! It’s important to take care of both your body and mind to stay in good health, and at The Haven at North Hills, this is the top priority. From washing one’s hands, to supporting residents’ memory, there isn’t a stone left unturned when it comes to taking care of the health of our residents. When it comes to our residents’ health, we outshine other Pittsburgh nursing homes every time!

The Basics

We’re starting off with the easy stuff and discussing first the importance of good hygiene. Washing one’s hands frequently, avoiding touching one’s face, and even little gestures like avoiding directly touching door handles or other typically unclean surfaces can all help avoid picking up extra germs that could threaten one’s health.

Another simple way to stay healthy is to maintain a nutritious diet that caters to the senior’s particular needs. For example, if a resident has low iron, they should remember to try and increase their intakes of iron-rich foods, like almonds or salmon. The Haven at North Hills knows that the diet of their residents is a fundamental part of maintaining good health, which is why we offer 24/7 dining, with professional staff and a trained chef. We are always happy to accommodate the dietary needs of our residents and make sure that the food we serve is beneficial to their health. The daily menu also incorporates foods from the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, which was created to foster brain health.

Speaking of Your Brain…

Brain health is vital, too! Health goes far beyond the basics, which focus primarily on one’s physical health. But while staying clean, active, and properly fed is fundamental to good health, so is nurturing one’s cognitive wellbeing. At The Haven at North Hills, memory care and other activities that stimulate the brain help keep residents sharp, and fight against the mental effects of aging. Residents partake in socialization activities and games, engage in memory care techniques like music or VR therapy, and are offered opportunities to be creative in group art classes. By socializing or taking a group painting class, seniors are able to stimulate their brains and combat the feeling of isolation and loneliness that seniors can experience as they age. At The Haven, your loved one can find activities that work best for them, and support their brain health best, by choosing from the variety of options offered at this community.

Focusing On the Individual

This tip about properly caring for your loved one’s health may seem a bit counter-intuitive: it is to forget what everyone else says! Well, to some degree–we all know that certain aspects of creating a healthy lifestyle are universal, like good nutrition, hydration, and mental stimulation. But at the end of the day, each person has something unique that works for them. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a one-size-fits-all package, which is why our community prioritizes a customized approach to every resident’s health! For one senior, a weekly night of board games could be the secret recipe to stimulating their brain, for another, it could be gentle group yoga and meditation class. Finding out the unique needs of each and every resident, and then doing their utmost to meet those needs, is the secret recipe at The Haven.

Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you have our best tips for promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle, it’s time for you to put them to good use! Use this summer to promote wellness in every aspect of you or your loved one’s life, and remember the basics, the brain, and finding a customized approach to supporting one’s health. The Haven at North Hills wishes everyone a happy and healthy summer!

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